An Email Summarizing the Red Pill Movement

I only set this blog up as a repository for all my writing, but I wrote an email today I thought was worth sharing, and it’s too long to put into an image. I don’t know whether I will write here normally.


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thank you!!!
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Emma S— Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 7:21 PM
Hi, I’m Erica and I wanted to thank you for your articles! ❤
I read them all the time and they’ve really helped me a lot in realizing who i am and who i am destined to be. I now know my place as a woman, and the importance of serving men above myself. I could not agree with your views more, and it gives me hope that all young girls like me will realize their true purpose in life, solely: for men’s sexual pleasure, cooking, and taking care of children. I used to want to study science, but I realized that girls just aren’t smart enough to understand deeper concepts like that. Now that I’ve come to terms with my inferiority, I feel true to myself.
Thank you so much, please reply! 😀
-Erica, 12

Blair Naso <> Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 7:51 PM
To: Emma S—

First off, if you’re going to troll, you’ve got to be subtle. Your enemy may be vile, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid. Lying is a skill, and you’re terrible at it.

Second, constant sarcasm is unattractive in a woman. This is America, and you have every right to be unattractive, but I would advise toning it down.

Third, my article last week was hyperbole. A woman’s purpose in life is not for sex, domestic chores, and child-rearing. A woman’s purpose in life is to love and to be happy, and at ROK we believe that that purpose is best achieved as it has been for all time in nearly all mammals.

Society today–for both men and women–is completely miserable. The therapy industry–basically unheard of 100 years ago–is flourishing, wages are low, rock n’ roll is dead, and in general there is more hatred than love. Is that the kind of world you want to live in? If you base your life on the pattern of miserable people, then you will likely become miserable yourself.

Every social movement has a mythology. As children we were taught that for all of history, men enjoyed so much privilege and women were discarded as non-human. While there have been many and constant abuses and misuses of natural gender roles, things were not and are not magically always better for men than for women. Women didn’t die of gangrene in the Civil War, and women didn’t work in the coal mines. In the 1920s, George Orwell wrote that in the month he was homeless, he only met one homeless woman out of at least hundreds of men–something much true today.

The reality is that life is and always has been difficult for both men and women. The question of who had it worse is irrelevant because both suffered greatly. Men have to endure meaningless jobs, and women have to endure screaming children. However, the important thing is to remember the concept of “role”. We all have our place in society, and the adult thing to do is to accept what you should instead of what you merely want. People have always found ways to love and to be happy despite their circumstances, but in today’s culture of comfort and opportunity, both love and happiness have become rare commodities.

I realize that you probably didn’t read all that, but it summarizes what the red pill movement is about despite its broadness and (believe it or not) diversity. I also realize that it failed to convince you, but I wanted to give you the opportunity anyway.


Blair publishes on Return or Kings every Thursday. Follow him on Twitter and read his articles.

Emma S—  Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 8:07 PM

exactly what i wanted thanks bae
love ya ❤


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