Pope Francis

I wrote this back in October to submit to an online journal. It was rejected and has sat in my Google Drive for two months. Obviously the pope has since recanted, but I imagine within a year he’ll take another swing for the other team.
The press is in! The Vatican is officially reconsidering updating their morality on homosexuality. Yes, they’ve bounced the idea around for the last fifty or so years, but maybe they’ll do it for real this time. Is Pope Francis finally taking the well-trodden route of the Episcopalians? I doubt it.

Francis more than anything is trying to delay the church’s implosion. He knows that most of the clergy will leave or openly contradict him should he condone active homosexuality of any kind, and he certainly can’t afford to lose his wage slaves. I imagine most of the laity would leave, but Catholics tend to be so sheep-like and secularist that I could be wrong. Like always, Francis is making vague and verbose statements to whore media attention. It’s been quite the fad for the last few popes. Pope Farcius has already done this kind of statement about atheists where he pretends to say one thing but technically says something else, so it’s no surprise that he’s pretending to condone homosexuality. Like every branch of Christianity, Catholicism has gone from teaching doctrine to teaching doubt.

The truly great question is, “How long can he pretend to be progressive without making any actual changes?” The charade could last another two years, or perhaps his people and the media could suckle on it for another twenty.

If Pope Gimmick is to claim historical continuity, he will not be able to adopt the full modernism of the Episcopalians. Plus, Anglicanism is a “fun” church, whereas Catholicism is dreary and embarrassing by nature. Francis also knows that condoning homosexuality will further kill hope at bringing in Orthodox and protestants, something he and the last few popes desperately want.

However, I find it amusing that they want to grant more annulments. Glad to know they have their priorities in order. Annulments are a strange contradiction that no one thinks about.

If the church can declare that it was never really a marriage, then does the church have the credibility to declare a marriage at all? Perhaps they should enact a new canon law banning shotgun weddings. And if the two were mistaken as to whether they were married in the first place, is it any less of a sacrilege all the times they had sex together? Also, why are there so many more annulments in America than elsewhere? Annulments are one of the top five reasons I could never be Catholic. Call it divorce or don’t have divorce at all, but don’t jerk me around with your equivocations.

The Catholic Church’s love affair with divorce and 20th century Eurocentric liberalism in general will only further kill its membership. Its hour is at twilight. The only thing holding all the different beliefs and practices together is the pope, but even he cannot give the one thing necessary to sustain the church—hope. Francis can make lovely speeches, but he is only delaying the implosion, because hope is a here-and-now, not a global-stage-and-someday-with-enough-prayer. The average parishioner is more concerned about his American misery than with glad-handing and media coverage in Israel. Francis can only prolong the charade so long as his church is relevant.

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