Mr. Right

There’s a man who is perfect for you. He will accept you as you are and never try to change you. He understands if you have a past, and he’s willing to pretend it never happened. He could have anyone, but he chose you, because you are absolutely beautiful to him. He didn’t have to choose you, but he decided to anyway. He will always love you, no matter how you act. He will never stop pursuing your love. He wants to come inside you.

Yes, you know whom I’m talking about. Jesus Christ. He’s got oneitis for you. He just can’t help himself. Did your parents get divorced because your father didn’t treat your mother right? Don’t worry, because Jesus is the perfect father. Is your husband selfish and brooding? Well, Jesus is the perfect bridegroom. He’s waiting for his virgin, his born-again virgin.

Are you not coming? He’s waiting with arms open wide. He wants you to lay your head on his chest. He won’t even say a word. He just wants to be one with you.

Read More: Our Father Among The Saints, Philoteknos


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