Thoughts On The Videos “Feminism For Bros”

I recently saw a link to a youtube video “Feminism For Bros”. I looked it up, and it turns out there are five short videos about consent. They aren’t worth watching, so I summarized them. Here are my thoughts on each:

Video 1

A drunk guy takes a drunk girl home, and his roommate passive-aggressively convinces him not to sleep with her. Okay, it’s true that morally you shouldn’t sleep with people who are too wasted to make a good decision. The video is a bit preachy with the message about consent, since both parties were drunk and she seemed like she wasn’t so wasted that she couldn’t form sentences. However, I’ll give this one a pass, since it didn’t technically use the words “rape” or “inability” or say that all the responsibility is on the man.

Video 2

It’s the next morning. Both have woken up. The girl wakes up confused. She’s not sure what happened, but she’s really appreciative when she figures it out. I really liked it until that point. Then she asks him to dinner.

This is wrong on multiple levels. For one thing, women rarely ask out guys. It’s like they are promising male viewers that if they behave, they’ll be rewarded with that meaningful relationship.

Second, you do not not take advantage of women because of the prospect for their approval. You do the right thing by them because it’s the right thing, and she doesn’t owe you favors for not using her. This video is setting up men to become frustrated, angry, and truly hateful of women.

Third, she’s a drunk whore, and he was looking for a one-night stand. Clearly neither of them want a meaningful relationship. You don’t look for a wife in a club or frat party. This is telling women that they can find marriagable men through the party life. It also encourages men to continue their own party life, which perpetrates the decline of marriagable women.

Video 3

The man is sitting on the steps with his buddy, because apparently that’s something college kids do. The buddy is yelling rude comments at passing girls, and the man is embarrassed like a normal man would be. These particular comments are not thought-out game techniques but actual disrespect. Apparently the buddy thinks it will actually work despite his complete failure of a track record.

Again, I liked this video until a certain point. This time, that point was the word “creepy”, a word which doesn’t have a definition. People use it because they don’t know how else to describe certain behavior. It’s a catch-all ad hominem attack.

Then a girl—I’m assuming the man’s girlfriend—comes up to the buddy and starts making objectifying comments about him. The buddy does not appreciate this, which is unrealistic. The average vulgar-minded man would laugh and make a rude comment back. Furthermore, the woman’s comments are even more vulgar than he made, and she actually touches him. The video wants you to think he’s a hypocrite and she’s wise, when really he’s an idiot and she’s a bitch.

Video 4

There are four guys in a group telling recent sex stories, each more debaucherous than the last. The first three include rape fantasies, a threesome, and rooftop sex tapes. They are all lauded by the group. The first about role-playing rape makes me think of the common theory that women complain about rape culture because of subconscious rape fantasies and the weakness of the modern male. Interesting how another man in the video calls the guy “an animal” even though he was asked to do it by the woman—the opposite of being wild and uncontrolled.

The fourth brags about banging a girl who was so drunk that she didn’t remember anything. The other three look immediately disturbed—the mood has been ruined. They then call it “a rape date.” What is not addressed is how once the hookup culture is started, it is difficult for individuals to draw lines. Nor do they address why was a woman visiting a club and drinking far more than she could handle. There is no mention of whether her friends at the club (women hate going out alone) tried to save her either from the excessive alcohol or from the player.

Video 5

The fifth is the video that turned it from a maybe-sort-of-good video series into something embarrassing and laughable. It really shows that the whole thing was clearly produced by women.

A man with an embarrassing haircut is making out with a heavily-tattooed girl. They each ask for permission with each spot they kiss. The video plays club music to give the illusion that this is something passionate and organic. It ends with him giving her oral and her orgasming.

Little reference is made to whether he enjoys their actions, but they make a point to show the importance of the woman’s sexual pleasure. This seems backwards, since men today are focused on their ability to please women even at the risk to their own enjoyment. Men today—even non-feminists—define the whole of their self-worth and masculinity in their ability to make women approve.

Final observation

The seal of the company at the end of each video says, “Centre for Gender Advocacy” in English and “Center of the fight against the oppression of the genders” in French, a willful mistranslation. They rightfully assume most English-speakers are too dumb to figure it out.

These videos show a clear misunderstanding of the male mind. They seek to rewire it altogether instead of channel it into a safer context, such as traditional marriage in which people felt a sense of possession and hence responsibility for whom they share their bodies with. The videos also makes the assumption that women will be drunk whores as though the women have no choice in the matter.

Another great commentary, this one focusing on its unrealisticness:

“Group of bloggers fresh out of college.” Excellent.

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