New article on Atavistic Intelligentsia: Dating Website Review: Christian Mingle

Now available on Atavistic IntelligentisaDating Website Review: Christian Mingle

The “maybe” girls are abundant. Or at least they are abundant enough. There were maybe fifty “maybe” girls age 18-25 within 100 miles of where I live. There was even a 21-year-old ballerina. Why are there so many “maybe” girls on here when there are churches on every street corner? My guess is because of how unexciting and weak the modern Christian male is. God wired women to want a man they can trust to submit to, not a male to eat cookie dough with when she has work drama.

Even if you are not a Christian, Christian Mingle has a much wider pool of wife candidates. It’s worth faking Christianity to meet the right girl. True, “born again” is often code for “hypergamous,” but that can be conditioned out if you can learn to find your way around the Bible well enough. [Note to self: Write article on how to use the Bible to guilt-trip women into doing what you want.] And realistically, most Americans believe in God to some extent or another, so it wouldn’t take that much lack of integrity to hop onto the Jesus side of the fence…My uncle has been pretending to be Catholic for 20 years, and it’s worked out great for him.

And that’s just a small excerpt from the introduction of the article. Head on over to Atavistic Intelligentisa to read the rest!

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