Feminist Fridays—“And [Where We] Use A Lot Of F-Words”

Yours truly is currently semi-employed and waiting for the spring semester to start. (For the record, I will be studying plumbing at a community college, since I have a degree in liberal arts.) Therefore, I have a lot of time to kill on the internet. This video series I’m reviewing is called “Feminist Fridays”. Let’s see if it’s “the man hating kind” or “the real kind that’s for equality”. [Answer: probably the second one but equally as deluded and destructive.] Again, these aren’t worth watching, so I’ve given the highlights.

Video 1—What Is The Patriarchy?

She says that patriarchy is a social system that values masculinity over femininity. By that definition, there has never been a patriarchy. Femininity has been valued in every culture ever. People have always valued a woman with strong domestic skills. It is interesting though how she makes a distinction between masculinity and femininity, as though there should be separate roles. Most feminists say “male and female” instead of “masculine and feminine”.

But then she negates all that.

“Women had no legal rights.”

That is a lie. They did have less legal rights, but one could not do just anything to a woman.

“Gender is still strictly enforced in society today.”

Strictly enforced, apparently even with all the women in the workforce.

She says that gender roles hurt everybody, but then she only references those who do not fit into the roles. How does that hurt everybody? Also, the idea of “role” is something you choose to adopt, not something that is ingrained. Therefore, anybody can learn to fit their gender role, much as a good actor can play any role in a theater play. Perhaps “role” is a badly chosen word for her purposes.

To show that she cares about men too, she complains that women are allowed to be more traditionally masculine but men are not allowed to be more feminine. Most men do not have a problem with this. They even encourage it, given that everybody has some definition of “a real man”.

“A lot of transphobia comes from sexism.”

She encapsulates this quote around talk about how people are offended when the patriarchy is affronted. However, she does not discuss whether transsexuality is unnatural, the obvious root of transphobia. Science cannot change your chromosomes. It can give you imitation genitalia, but it cannot give you the real thing. Many transsexuals post-op feel like they were never able to truly feel transitioned and have spoken out against the practice.

“Women are less likely to hold positions of power.”

What sociopath wants power for the sake of power? I want a boring job that pays well and doesn’t have a lot of responsibility. The less power, the less likely I will screw up and lose everything. It’s childish to just want control.

She then complains that women in power have to have “more masculine qualities to be respected.” But to her, masculinity is a social construct that concerns strength. Therefore, shouldn’t the women congressmen have more traditionally masculine traits? I don’t want a political leader who is controlled by her emotions, a traditionally feminine stereotype. Therefore, women congressmen should adopt more qualities that are traditionally stereotyped as masculine.

“The patriarchy perpetuates the idea the women need the protection of men.”

Since when do they not need our protection? A 90-pound woman being punched by a man cannot defend herself. She needs someone to protect her.

She also complains about men being the only ones drafted into the military. It’s rare to hear a feminist admit that. I don’t have a problem with the practice though, considering that most women do not have the physical or emotional strength to endure war. She says about the military, “Women are seen as less likely to do the same jobs as men,” but if it is a job about physical ability, then of course they can’t do the same job. Women are also terrible at construction jobs that require heavy lifting. That is a limitation of the body, not of the mind.

She also complains that women are incarcerated less that men. Again, it’s good to hear a feminist complain about this. However, I fear that she is only adopting these seemingly pro-male positions because she thinks it will convince men to adopt the whole of her philosophy.

“It’s important to challenge these views instead of just accepting them and work to make society a little better.”

Would society necessarily be better, though? Things would be more equal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean improvement. Women drafted into the military and put in the front lines in the same proportion as men, for example, would be a fair but terrible idea. Most women are not fit for military service.

What is it that women really want? To have all the fun men are having? Feminism is the belief that being a man is great and we just have a party all day, but the opposite is true. I mean, yes, being a man is awesome and I’m grateful to not be a woman, but there is also a lot of stress that come from being a man, some of which she alluded to.

She argues that these troubles could be avoided by removing gender roles. This is nonsense. Take for example raising the children. When the children are young, one parent should stay home with them instead of dumping them with a stranger in a daycare. Women are better at juggling multiple tasks and innately feel closer to their families. Men on the other hand grow restless and listless when sitting in the house all day, even if he is keeping himself busy with important things. Therefore women are more fit to stay home with the children.

I do not understand why women want a career. I hate working. Every man I know hates working. Or at the least, he is relieved when the day is over and he doesn’t have to think about it anymore. If I won the lottery, I would get a very part-time job with a non-profit just to have something on my calendar, and beyond that, I would never work again in my life.

Video 2—Is Feminism Sexist?

“The question about men is brought out before a conversation is even allowed to begin.”

No, we’ve been having this conversation for several decades now. People have a knee-jerk reaction to the word “feminism” because of all that’s been said in that time.

“Feminism is sexist. It’s in the name.”

Well, there you go.

“Women can’t walk to their cars at night because rape is a constant threat.”

Only if you party in the dangerous parts of town. Plus, that’s not a consequence of prejudice against women so much as a consequence of men who are wicked people. One would think that feminists would be very pro-gun rights for this reason.

She mentions the pay gap. This is a shifty claim. If it’s measured by lifetime earning within each job, then of course, since women tend to quit work to raise children. If it’s earning based on average person, then that’s because men tend to do more difficult jobs like STEM or blue-collar trades. If it’s within an average single place of employment within each position, I don’t know how one would get the information to have that statistic, since companies are reluctant to give it out. And even if that statistic is true, it varies widely by workforce. When I worked at Wal-Mart, they were very careful to favor women when promoting.

Really, I’m surprised the pay gap isn’t wider. It makes me suspect that employers are inflating women’s wages in order to appear less sexist. However, if women were able to stay home with their families all day, then the pay gap would be irrelevant.

She makes this video to ask why isn’t feminism concerned about men, but then she spends the first two minutes only talking about what problems women face. However, power is almost never a one-way pull. Issues over family court or workplace hostility are real threats to men that greatly affect the life choices they make, and those life choices affect women’s lives. If men are unwilling to marry, then there will be real consequences for the women who want to get married but cannot find anyone. The sexes are innately tied together, and when you kick one down, the other goes down too.

She does not address these men’s issues, though. She only talks about negative gender roles men are demanded to fill. Again, most men want to fill those roles though. Men take pride in being strong and in being the breadwinner. This whole video ignores these questions that the viewer is asking—the whole reason he clicked on the video.

She says that just as giving rights to blacks have not hurt whites, so too have giving rights to women not hurt men. This is a false analogy (putting aside the notion that the civil rights movement has had absolutely no negative consequences on white people ever). The sexes are tied together and need each other biologically and socially. Different races however are not tied. We can get along, be friends and learn things from one another, but a society can function if there is only one race present. However, a society cannot function with only one sex.

“Women are not evil creatures trying to take away your rights…they just want the same opportunities as you.”

The notion of whether feminists are evil is irrelevant to the question of whether they are causing harm. As for wanting the same opportunities, the history of feminism is the history of women saying, “But boys get to have all the fun!” It’s like a little sibling who wants the freedoms of the oldest without realizing all the extra responsibilities that come from being an older age.

I do not understand why women don’t take their get-out-of-work-free card and stay home with the people in their lives who mean the most to them. I do not understand why they’d piss away four years in college if they didn’t have to. I do not understand why they spend their most sexually marketable years drinking and fornicating when they could use that time to find a quality husband. However, so that one doesn’t accuse me of being a self-hating misandrist, read my article “Never Envy A Woman For Her Privilege“.

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