Rolling Stones Country Mix, With Some Thoughts On The Beach Boys

I’ve had a large amount of trouble finding a good source online for a mix of Rolling Stones country songs, so in the interest of human goodwill, I’ve decided to share my own (see below for the track list written out):

[Update: I had a screenshot of a playlist, but the image corrupted for some reason. It was too small to make out anyway.]

By the way, Townes Van Zandt did a fanfuckingtastic cover of “Dead Flowers”, which is largely unavailable anymore. It’s from the cover album Roadsongs. The original album was 15 tracks, but I’ve found an extended 18-track version for $20-ish on eBay shipped from Germany. Truly, the brightest stars fade the fastest.

You’ll also notice on that image that I’ve got the Beach Boys saved as a playlist. I realize that we all grew up on the tv show Full House, and on the off chance that we bought a greatest hits, we bought the quote-unquote “Very Best Of” album Sounds of Summer, but listen to Pet Sounds, “Surf’s Up“, and “Til I Die” before you cast your judgments.

Also, I realize that that image is hard to figure out (I’m quite the technophobe), so here’s what I’ve got. A few tracks aren t quite country but fit well anyway with the theme, especially if tacked on at the end. And yes, it is by far the greatest mix cd I’ve ever made.

Dead Flowers
Far Away Eyes
Torn And Frayed
Country Honk
Wild Horses
I Got the Blues
Tumbling Dice
Sweet Virginia
Moonlight Mile
No Expectations
Sweet Black Angel
Loving Cup
Dear Doctor
Sister Morphine
Update: I had an image of my iTunes playlist, but it seems to have disappeared. It was hard to make out, anyway. Also, I wrote the above drunk.

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