Our Father Among The Saints, Philoteknos

On this day, December 29, we commemorate Our Father Among The Saints, Philoteknos.

St. Philoteknos was born to a very wealthy family in Athens around the end of the second century. He was known for his pederasty, and the aristocrats of Athens would often seek him out to mentor their children.

Shortly after the Edict of Milan, St. Philoteknos was enlightened and converted to Christianity. He put away his past licentiousness and became a celibate. Then he opened a very large orphanage in Athens. He was known for his love for the children and their love for him. The man was often seen giving out hugs and holding hands. As was common at the time among friends, he would often kiss the children.

St. Philoteknos died in 334 from a variety of diseases that afflicted him at the same time.

St. Philoteknos, pray for us all.

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