What Should A Strong Woman Look Like?

I have previously written a little about what womanly independence should look like, but I want to explore this theme a little more. Is there a kind of empowerment, confidence, and strength in a woman that is beautiful? Red Pill writers often decry these traits in a woman, although some hint that there may be something to them.

I’m going to break from the monochromy of Red Pill thought and say that these traits are beautiful in a woman but only in the correct context. Like how a fire is nourishing and endearing in a fireplace but destructive outside of it, so too is confidence and agency in a woman.

I understand many readers will laugh me down for this, but I enjoy a good men’s soap opera. I’m going to compare characters in two of them: Gemma from Sons of Anarchy and Cuddy from House.

Gemma Teller Morrow

I’ve only seen the first three episodes of SOA, so I don’t know how it will turn out. I was going to wait to write this on Return of Kings, but I saw that they have an article on SOA coming out Thursday, so I decided to write this now for here instead of later for there.

I found myself immediately drawn to the character of Gemma, the aging mother of the main character Jax and wife of the leader of the motorcycle gang SAMCRO. She makes the show worth watching. Gemma is the model woman, despite her awful hair. And SAMCRO is the model patriarchy.

Gemma’s only concern is for her family. She often goes behind their backs to protect them, such as when Jax’s pregnant ex-wife overdoses on meth. Gemma confronts the girl in private. She calls her a crackwhore and threatens her to keep away from the preemie baby.

Being a woman with a definite red personality, she is able to control the other women in the show in ways that the men can’t. She always gets what she wants when it comes to protecting her family from the catty or otherwise destructive women in the show. Plus, she’s maintained her physical attractiveness well into her middle age. The true “seasoned beauty”.

Exemplum Gratiae: There is a former gang member and ex-convict whose wife wants him to stay away from the boys. They are having money troubles however. Gemma buys the wife groceries and tells her that SAMCRO is about family. She says that the woman and her family are welcome to a party that evening. The other woman declines. Later you see a scene of Gemma and the other wives cooking and looking delighted while the men laugh and enjoy each other’s company. It is depicted as a beautiful scene of family and fraternity.

I want to marry a Gemma. Someone find me a woman like that. I will marry a woman who is not quite a virgin, I will marry a woman who is not quite attractive, I will marry a woman who is a little too old, but I will not marry a woman who pines for the hell of the workforce. A 21-year-old Gemma without the terrible hair is “the” perfect woman. Strong, empowered, confident, and obsessed with the well-being of her family. Maybe it’s not quite red pill doctrine, but this is a strong woman who is highly sexy and alluring.



Dr. Lisa Cuddy

First, let me say that I love the character of Cuddy, and I love the writers for making her as she is. Often when tv shows have a strong woman, they make her very man-like. But they didn’t do that with Cuddy. She is very womanly. She is definitely endearing while having the logic, motivations and solutions of career women. She generally isn’t cut-throat, so don’t be a hater.

From freshman year of college to your own private practice, it takes twelve years of school to be a physician in America. That means that by the time a woman becomes a doctor at age 30 and loaded with debt in the six digits, she will be fencing on infertility.

Cuddy is the Dean of Medicine at a hospital in New Jersey, and she easily works 60+ hours a week. A defining subplot of Cuddy is her burning desire for a child. She is in her late 30s at the youngest. After several failed attempts at in vitro with donor sperm, she finally adopts a dumpster baby as a single mother.

She also has trouble finding someone to be in a relationship with. She’s old-ish although still good-looking. She rarely goes on dates, and when she does, it’s never with a simple mechanic. No, it’s a company CEO or private detective. The rare person with skills or connections greater than her own. Remember, men marry down and women marry up.

Cuddy pissed away her youth on a career that causes her extreme stress. Yes, House is a pain in the ass, but the running of the hospital is far more taxing that just his antics. And she is always struggling to find a good babysitter for her orphan. The show never explicitly says so, but it seems clear that she regrets it all. Her impressive career does not give her fulfillment. The only thing she really wants to do is be a mother, but it is too late for that.

Cuddy is charismatic, feminine, and intelligent. Had she made different life choices, she could have been a fantastic wife and a great blessing to a man and children. Instead, she is alone and miserable, as are all the female doctors in the show.



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