Some Things Hurt Worse Than Women

Many men both in the Manosphere and outside of it complain about how painful their dealings with women have been. Indeed, a woman is like a child or a pitbull—she can be your greatest blessing or your greatest drain. And difficulties with women is the whole reason the Red Pill Movement exists in the first place. But is this really the worst thing possible?

Red Pill doctrine often states that a man should not define all of his value based on his ability to garner women’s approval. Yet so much of what is written is aimed at gaining that sweet access to poontang. Of course, picking up girls is an essential part of the Red Pill Movement, but it’s concerning how relations between the sexes is “the” central issue. In trying to escape our dependency on women, we have thrown ourselves deeper into the same trap. I’ve met several men from outside the internet who resented how obsessed they were with sex.

Reading the comments section of Manosphere blogs, you find some true hatred of women, generally rare in society. Sure, there’s a lot of disgust, and rightfully deserved, given the state of the modern woman. But some—although by no means most—commenters truly hate women and view them as little more than a vagina and tits with a mouth attached and an ego that needs satisfying.

But where did this hatred of women come from? It didn’t always exist. In the old days, there was a true respect for the opposite sex, and both’s roles were highly valued. Why do the two sexes disdain each other so much? After all, the whole purpose of the Red Pill Movement is a return to traditional sex roles; so why are so many Manospherians buying into the toxic “War between the Sexes” narrative?

It’s More Than Just Women

But all of that aside, sometimes it’s not a woman that hurts you the deepest. Sometimes the substance abuse and nihilism comes from other channels. Perhaps it was a bad father. Maybe a disappointing religious figure. Perhaps several of each. Often what leaves us the most damaged and broken is not a female at all.

I called my book “The Death Of Ideology” because that was what I was going through when I wrote the selections in it over several years. And one will notice that the issues deal much more with religion than with women, especially in the latter parts. The anthology is arranged not by chronology, theme, or genre, but by reality. It starts fantastical and ends gritty.

I think the Red Pill Movement is much more a reaction to this death than to the loss of marital bliss as an isolated reality. We aren’t sure what to blame, so we vent on women because that’s the most surface issue. But the reality is that feminism is a symptom of a much deeper issue.

True, most modern women are not worthy of the respect traditionally given to women. Don’t lynch me as a heretic. But is that the only thing that’s really bothering you? Is that what keeps you up at night drinking and commenting on ROK and Heartiste? Is loneliness the only thing that drives you to smoke?

All of these are inter-related. Disappointment with women, disappointment with church, disappointment with the economy. We are a society of disappointment, especially in the millennial generation. The reason why the SJWs have risen so much among the millennials is because they have nothing else to believe in .

Our generation probably received more anti-smoking propaganda than any other. K-12, they force-fed us every semester about how terrible tobacco is for your health and finances. Yet it is the millennials who have revived smoking. If not for us, the tobacco industry would have waned with the elderly. I wrote in my anthology,

We smoke because

We lack the fortitude

To commit suicide.


I am an alcoholic, a teenage smoker,

Looking for heaven in the world of vice.

I am a human,

Not sure how to find Jesus.

He’s out there somewhere,

And I have an inkling,

But I’m not sure even God

Can cover over this wound.

Is that not how we all feel? Even the atheists among us, militant and benign, often have such a disappointment. We fuel this into our activist causes, whether conservative or liberal, because we so desperately want to feel a sense of reality and meaning.

The End Of Liberation

And it’s not mere religion. Manosphere writers often say that they’ve watched so much pornmasturbated so often, and had so many partners that sex has become stale. I find it telling that there is a lot of literature on the internet written to encourage men to quit porn—not because of respect for women or obedience for the supernatural—solely because it is in the individual man’s best interest. I.e., that he will have a better sex life for it.

Men seek out porn, and women seek out Facebook likes. The two are really the same thing.

We’ve spent 50 years building up this sex culture only for the most secularist and hedonistic men to tear it down. Isn’t that odd?

Again, it’s not merely religion and women. Both boys and girls were taught growing up that we can have it all if we just make good grades and go to college. I myself fell into a depression when I graduated and learned that that was a lie. I know I’m not the only one.

The Death Of Ideology

Most of the ideology they fed us as children turned out to be false. Saving the rain forests turned out to be irrelevant to our life satisfaction, no matter how much they drilled that into us back in the ’90s. Church lied to us about how to find that same happiness through a relationship with the intangible. Feminism lied to us about what in the opposite sex will make us happy. And the fact that today they plead with my generation to vote is telling, despite how vocal and dogmatic many of us tend to be.

A Strange Example

Probably the only truly happy person I’ve ever known was an elderly Catholic priest who has never had sex in his life. This seems odd until you think about it. He has a very secure job, free rent, people in the parish are willing to do about anything for him, his career is to socialize with people, he constantly gets nice gifts like monastery-made candies, he has travelled the world, he has no financial stress, he does not have to come home to a wife to bitch at him, and he has no kids to be disappointed in.

I often envy him.

After a few years, he got used to the sexlessness, and it became a non-issue. I’ve been told elsewhere that the worst part about being a Catholic priest is not the lack of sex but the loneliness. Apparently Fr Tom learned to overcome that quite well. He told me that there are two kinds of priests—bachelor priests and celibate priests.

Flaw Of The Manosphere

So I’m not convinced that traditional-minded women are what bring happiness. After all, people have always found a reason to write sad songs. Sure, society is much more miserable today than ever, and there’s a reason why the psychopharmacology and therapy industries have flourished. But banging more women isn’t going to make you happier person. I’m not yet sure what will.

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    • Dude, how could I possibly care what you have to say? I quit writing this blog almost a year ago. I haven’t checked the stats on this site since probably last year. Nor do I know who you even are. To me, you’re just another leftwing loser reading blogs you hate.

      This is the second post you’ve commented on with some soft soap sentimentalism. Seriously, go find a hobby.


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