Why You The Individual Are A Bad Person

I used to be obsessed with being a good person. Not anymore. I’ve given up on that notion. Granted, I still try to do the right thing. But I don’t think of myself as a good person. And you probably shouldn’t either. Not for the esoteric reasons the Christians have given you but for the reasons right in front of you.

You’re Not Good

We think the notion of being good means merely not being bad. I don’t murder or steal things, and I generally don’t lie (although not as infrequently as I tell myself). Therefore I must be good. We see morality as a binary and not a spectrum.

But then we look at people like Mother Theresa or Ghandi—people we generally know very little about but think we are supposed to idolize—and say, “Now there is a good person!”

Well, what’s stopping you from going to the slums of Chile and hugging orphans? If they can do it, you can too, especially if you don’t have a family. I think the whole modern practice of giving awards to humanitarians is so that the people giving the awards can feel a sense of accomplishment. Same thing with the way Catholics hero-worship Pope John Paul II.

You’re Bad

Make a list of everything in the next two weeks that you’ll do that is below your standard of conduct. Not just obvious sins but small things. Anything that someone does that would bother you. Rude tone of voice, overly aggressive in traffic, being impatient, assuming too much about people from first impressions, littering cigarettes, etc.  Everything that you will do that would normally be unacceptable should you be asked.

How long was your list? How similar was it to the list for the last two weeks?

You’ll Never Change

You may think that you’ll reform now, but that’s likely not true.

Compare it to your hypothetical list from a year ago and from five years ago. I’d wager you probably are just as badly tempered then as now.

So what makes you think you’ll be better in another two weeks or even five years if you haven’t made any real progress yet? You think you can flip the switch on the dime?

Know Thyself

Women somewhat innately sense this universality of badness, which is why they despise nice guys. Still, most women think of themselves as good people and are reluctant to give up that notion. The wildest whore will find a way to justify her depravity, and if she can’t do that, then she’ll find someone else who is a worse slut to look down on.

Men generally think of themselves as good people. Even the most misandrist male SJW or the most born-again Christian still thinks he is a moral human. Really, the more misanthropic the liberal or Christian, the higher he thinks of himself.

If men think of themselves as bad, it’s because of something the individual has done. After living long enough, a man may sense the universality of badness, but it doesn’t come innately like it does to women.

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2 thoughts on “Why You The Individual Are A Bad Person

  1. I got much better (or more precisely, gooder) once I stopped thinking of goodness is terms of perfection and pathological altruism. I didn’t become a great person, but I’ve pleasantly surprised myself. Repression is bad. Unrealistically high goals, or too many goals, is bad.


  2. What you call a “good” person is a person who is good to others. As in useful. Why wouldn’t one like someone who is hugging orphans if one is an orphan. Of course people will always be in favor of those who sacrifice themselves for them.

    Have you, by any chance, read Ayn Rand?


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