Matt Forney’s New Review Of The Death Of Ideology

Matt Forney has reviewed my book. He writes:

Stop the presses: the manosphere now has a poet laureate.

Or at least it will in a few years. The Death of Ideology, the debut of my Return of Kings colleague Blair Naso, is far better than a book by a kid in his early twenties has any right to be. A compilation of poetry, short stories and song lyrics, Naso’s work is alternately touching and hilarious. While marred by the errors of a first-time author, The Death of Ideology is an absolute must-buy even if you’re not into poetry.

There’s a certain unadulterated joy in reading The Death of Ideology, the joy you get from reading something that’s completely devoid of pretension. While Naso’s prosody could use some work, he’s clearly studied his verse and knows what he’s doing. His poems and songs flow off the page effortlessly, and I could almost imagine a twangy country beat to go along with some of the lyrics.

There’s some more great feedback he’s left in there I’ll consider on the next round.

Head on over to Matt Forney’s website to read the rest, see what others have written, or go over to Amazon and buy it for yourself!

The Death Of Ideology: A Literary Anthology


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