Self-Hating White Girl Du Jour: “White People Stole Blacks’ Music!”

I’m not recommending you watch the above video. It’s another predictable attempt of Laci Green to whore and attention whore herself to the world. It’s rare you see a feminist who is so hot, but we’ll see how fugly she is in five years when she no longer has the body to be sex positive (cf Jessica Valenti).

However, this video is a little unique. Instead of saying something radical to build controversy, Green says something we’ve all heard before but never seemed to care about. I mean, yes, we all acknowledge it and pretend like it was wrong, but really, we aren’t at all concerned that “white people have always stolen blacks’ music.” It’s not even true. And here’s why.

You Can’t Possess A Culture

Green talks about how Elvis stole black artists’ music. Sargon of Akkad recently discussed this claim. You can’t quantify culture. Did Chuck Berry own three pounds of rock n’ roll, and Elvis took two pounds, so then Chuck Berry only had one pound? No, Chuck Berry had just as much rock n’ roll before Elvis as afterward.

And I doubt all those black artists’ covered by Elvis and the Rolling Stones were furious at all the royalties they received.

Furthermore, I could make the claim that black people have stolen our culture of law school and golf courses. Wait, no, that would be racist. Nevermind.

Jimi Hendrix “appropriated” white culture by playing acid rock. But instead of demanding our supposed rights, we white people revere him for his skill and contributions. White people—leftist lunatics aside—reward hard work and talent. It’s the black race that thinks the world owes them something.

Black Rock n’ Roll Wasn’t Quite Rock n’ Roll

Black rock n’ roll had more in common with rhythm and blues than it did with white rock n’ roll. Sure, the early white bands sounded very bluesy, but even then it had a different flavor. Furthermore, their music largely moved beyond blues anyway. You can hardly call the Beatles or the Ramones black music.

Their rock n’ roll became very white sounding, and black rock n’ roll turned into Motown. Black rock n’ roll didn’t just disappear as soon as better bands rolled into town. Even white blues bands like Led Zeppelin and Cream had a distinctly different take on blues than the black bands did.

Black Music Is Of White Origin

But the biggest reason against all this is that black music was strongly influenced by white music. Where do you think they got the twelve tones and chord theory from? Who introduced them to the guitar? Who came up with the guitar band? Who invented the electric guitar? Those all have their origins in country music.

Country and blues grew up together. They developed in the same region of the country around the same time.  The whites and blacks lived just a few streets apart from each other, so naturally they learned from each other. There was no conspiracy. The whites just had more marketing credential, so they were able to be more successful with it.

Besides, wasn’t Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” the first rap song?

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