Why You Shouldn’t Show Women Chivalry

Tonight we return to our regular programing of red pill armchair sociology.

The other day, a female law student was having trouble getting her groceries through my apartment’s lobby door. I sat three feet away reading a book and didn’t move. She finally got in the building and into the elevator, and as soon as the elevator doors closed, I heard her complaining about how I didn’t help a lady like her.

That’s laughable. Do these women even understand chivalry?

This Isn’t The 1400s

I treat ladies like ladies and androgynous women like men. This woman wasn’t a 90-pound shy girl who’d topple if you yawned in her direction. Holding doors for women you don’t know is for a time when there were no “strong, independent women” ™.

Nowadays, women like that person go to law school like a man. Yes, in normative human society, it is the men who pursue long-term careers. So a woman going to law school is by definition androgynous. Therefore, you can’t even fully consider her a woman.

If she is going to live her life like a man, I’m going to treat her like a man. If she wants to have five children following her home from the grocery store, then I’ll be more likely to be considerate. However, even under that circumstance…

Chivalry Was A Courtesy, Not A Right

Women today think men are under moral obligation to let them go first at the buffet line. But where did this originate? The Christians I grew up with pushed for it, but I never saw it in the Bible. Nor is it written in the United Nations current Code of Wishful Thinking.

Even in a healthy society where the women act their part, chivalry is not something a man owes to them. It is something he does because he wants to be a kind person. Women can get the door themselves, but men used to do it for them because they recognized that the woman is the weaker sex. Today women try everything they can do to usurp that balance.

The modern woman screeches about equality and abolishing gender roles. Even the morely traditional-minded ones still go to college for a career. Churches also push this androgyny.

So no, I’m probably not going to put in the effort to get the door for women, even if they start getting the door for me. I’m under no moral obligation to do so, and they no longer deserve it.

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