God Only Knows Why Women Are So Cold

Here in the Manosphere, we often run into a bit of a philosophy problem. We all know that the modern woman is a terrible beast deserving to die alone. Nobody’s contesting that. But then we have the problem of source. From where does this creature’s behavior come? And it is not merely the modern woman, as history is full of poetry against such women.

What slender boy drenched in liquid perfumes
presses upon you many roses,
Pyrrha, under a pleasing cave?
For whom do you tie your yellow hair,
simple with elegance? Alas, how often he will
lament faithlessness and changed gods and he will
marvel in surprise at the rough sea with
black winds
he who now enjoys you, trusting, you are golden,
he who hopes that you will always be free, always lovable,
unaware of a treacherous breeze.
Wretched ones, for whom
you, untried, shine. The sacred wall with the
votive tablet indicates that I have suspended
my wet clothes to the
god of the sea.

No Free Will…

So there are two suggestions given. One says that it is because men are not alpha enough. We don’t know how to tame women. This is my general response, but it’s an oversimplification. It removes women from consequences or personal responsibility, and hence it infantilizes them. This is the same mistake feminism makes.

One issue with it is that it doesn’t take much to make a woman flip the switch on attraction. I’m great at getting a girl’s phone number, but once we start texting, she soon becomes silent if she answers at all. Or consider an anecdote from ROK writer L.D. Hume (formerly Law Dogger),

Fat one regales us with the story of the guy she went out with four times and then sent flowers to her work, and now she’s cutting him off because that’s “creepy.”

Okay, so the guy buys her dinner four times, and she’s decided that an affectionate (and costly) gesture like sending flowers at work is disturbing. Why is it disturbing? He’s not a complete stranger. He’s not friend-zoned. Can’t she just cut the guy a break? First time she’s uncomfortable, and she cuts all strings. And they say it’s men who are the dominant ones in society…

Also, somebody explain to me what the word “creepy” means. I have no idea. Like, someone who walks slowly? It’s a catch-all word for women to describe a guy they don’t like. It has a negative connotation but no meaning behind it.

Rape Culture
Rape Culture

But okay, so maybe the guy just picked a loser. I’ve never denied that some women are too broken to be fixed (except in one slightly exaggerated post).

…Or Too Much Free Will?

But then that leads into the next option. What if some girls consciously choose to be selfish and insane? True, we are all a product of our environment, but I’ve seen girls who were otherwise marriageable flip the switch and go silent or deadly on guys. Even the idealistic good church girl—the modern unicorn—has the assassin instinct in her.

No matter what you do, you can never temper the metal. There are things you can do to increase your chances of a successful relationship, but every woman has the mother bear blind murderer buried within. It is her choice whether or not she brings it out, and as we all know, women are fickle and never really know what they want.

So then we have a new problem—why bother at all? Not just today, but in all of history. The simple answer is that love is a risk. You take a gamble and hope you don’t get hurt, and you try to pad yourself as much as possible with solid planning. I found this to be really solid advice: http://www.returnofkings.com/47540/5-lines-that-potential-wives-cannot-cross

But I completely understand the MGTOW mentality. Although I think it’s an unhealthy idea long-term, I don’t want to criticize the men who adopt it. There’s not much incentive to get married, between the draconian family courts and the plentitude of easy women. Nor have I ever argued that men marry disgraceful women.

Final Analysis

But then with our second option, we see that once again, we are infantilizing them. I mean, it can’t be that every woman on the planet is so cold that they act this way completely consciously. So this second option is really just a mollified version of the first. The answer lies somewhere in between the two. Women choose to be cold, but they don’t know when the are choosing it.

At least that’s what I’m guessing, but God only knows why women act how they do. Call me a misogynist or a bigot, but I’ve seen enough women tear men apart. Society decries the ever-ambiguous domestic abuse inflicted by men, but they ignore the elephant in the room about how brutal women can be. Even the patriarchal church virgin has it buried not far beneath the surface. You can argue that men too can be terrible towards the opposite sex, but they are not so in the same way. Men’s badness has a distinctly different flavor to it.

This is an empirical observation, and it is not up for debate. I have seen it often enough to make my analysis. Women can be the sweetest or the most terrible humans you will ever meet. God only knows why, because I don’t.

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One thought on “God Only Knows Why Women Are So Cold

  1. This is actually a built in check into the system. The only way to stop that behavior is to be in a society of men that have one anothers’ backs. Those tribes of men that fuck one another over will be destroyed when the females play each off the other. Of course, it only makes sense if you believe in a benevolent deity that wants all men to learn to work in order and harmony.


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