People Who Want Equality Don’t Know What The Word Means

Feminism is quickly dying. The label is no longer fashionable like it once was, and women are fast throwing it off. However, the underlying principle remains. Everybody still supports equality of the races and sexes. After all, equality is a virtue, and you’ll look like a freak if you don’t claim to support equality.

Have they even thought about what that word means? “I want gender equality.” What does that even look like? The word “equality” is too loaded and multi-faceted to use in a single sentence.

Gender Equality

These people wanting the abolishment of gender, yes? Perhaps women could approach men to ask out on dates instead of waiting to be asked. They could also propose marriage by shelling out for a $2,000 diamond ring. Then they would do away with the wide variety of fashion they have, since men’s formal wear is very standardized and bland (there’s not much one can do to augment it). This would also mean romance novels and movies would also be done away with, since those generally don’t appeal to men. John Mayer would start writing half his lyrics less like the Beatles and more like the Who.

There would be no maternity leave from work, since—if we truly believe that gender roles are an oppressive social construct—since there’s no real difference between a mother and a father. Men have never gotten to take three months of paid time off after the birth of a child. Being a secretary or a lawyer isn’t a hard-labor job, so there’s no reason she can’t pop back into the office three days later.

Suddenly gender equality doesn’t look so good after all. Racial equality would be about the same, the abolition of black community and identity.

A Better Solution

Instead what you should be advocating is open access. Black people should be able to attend college and get a good job. They can vote and hold political office. Excellent. I’m all for that. But I don’t want black people to be the same as whites, and black people themselves don’t want it. They don’t want to do away with their hip-hop, their Ebony magazine, and their black history books.

However, the sexes don’t quite analogize to the races. Men and women are such fundamentally different creatures, that I can’t advocate the same access and laws should pertain to them. Women should be allowed to stay home with her young children, but men need to keep plugging along to provide. Men should change the oil in the car instead of having their wives do it. Men should protect their wives from a thrashing if said wives get drunk in a bar and mouth off to a stranger. The natural order is, well, natural for a reason.

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