Women Who Show Cleavage Have Zero Respect For Men

When a woman shows cleavage, it is an act of total disrespect for men. And I mean “total” in the fullest sense of the word.

The breast is one of the most sexual areas of the female body. In some ways, it is the most inducing, perhaps even more so than the genitalia. Women know this, hence why they get angry when men stare at their cleavage.

Yet why are they showing it? They know men will be much less likely to look if they covered themselves. Actually, they know men will almost certainly look if they leave their breasts even only a little exposed. The men may not even want to look, but it still draws the eye.

I remember one time (actually, probably several times) talking with my godmother and being unable to cease looking at her cleavage, no matter how much I tried to look it away. It was terribly awkward, like borderline incest. She wasn’t even attractive-looking. But the breasts are the magnet of a man’s eyes, no matter whose or what kind of breasts.

Whether a woman shows her breasts for attention or for simple comfort, she disregards men’s ingrained weaknesses as unimportant. She is unconcerned about those around her. This is textbook narcissism. Especially when she’s elderly (which I’ve seen before).

So men are supposed to pretend we don’t notice, that it’s just a normal body part but the kind you aren’t supposed to look at. And I agree that men shouldn’t be staring at women’s cleavage. But women should do their part too.

This could more or less be applied to bare shoulders in formal wear.

Also, I’ll give the bikini a pass, since that’s a certain context outside day-to-day society.

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6 thoughts on “Women Who Show Cleavage Have Zero Respect For Men

    • Eh. It’s borderline. I definitely think it’s trashy when brides do it at their wedding, though. I had a friend who married a fat girl with a low cut bare shoulder white dress. So many red flags. I think I sent him my article on the Zelda Wedding.


  1. Blair,

    I was hoping for more depth behind this rationale, but the more I think on it and since it is about female logic, there isn’t much to mine anymore, eh?

    I always question why when girls wear cleavage-exposing tops they will pull up their shirt or otherwise call attention to themselves, like, “See, tits?!” But given that it is nothing more than to antagonize men, it all makes sense now.


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