14-Year-Olds In The Third World Marry Older Men Because Delaying Adulthood Is A White Privilege

I came across a news story recently about a 68-year-old Nigerian politician marrying a 14-year-old. The commenters on the article are calling it child abuse, which is ethnocentrism at its worst. Marrying as soon as puberty comes along is the norm in most of human history, even in white societies. My grandfather had two sisters who married at age 16, one of which had her parents’ permission. So isn’t it us modern Americans who are the freak outlier.

Hard to give her a specific number without seeing her hair, but I’d guess 9/11, WB and fill the world with half a dozen little Blairs.

Plus, she looks happy. Haters gonna hate, but that’s a woman in love. She’s got a high-status man who will protect and provide for her in a corner of the world that is terrifyingly unstable. She’ll get a luxurious and safe life. Why would she be upset? Safety is a white privilege.

In most human societies in history, women couldn’t afford to be alone outside the home because of the very real possibility of rape and robbery. This real need for security is in part why people arranged marriages instead of allowing the girl to pick whomever she was infatuated with (the other part being that women often choose poorly). I was a Classics major, and Ancient Europe was very much the wild West.

Furthermore, in older societies people understand that women do not function well without the guidance of a man, whether that man be a husband, a father or a brother. The feminine is useless and meaningless outside the context of the masculine. Today that hurts people’s feelings, so we try to pretend it isn’t true.

Fertility: Normally It’s A Necessity, Not A Choice

Also notice that it is mostly the middle and upper class white people here in America who do not breed young. Teenage bastardy is epidemic among blacks and common among poor white trash and Mexicans. For example, Mississippi has the highest rate of teen pregnancy, 60% above national average. It’s also the blackest state, with about a third of the people being black. It has some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the country. Even the financially better-off girls marry fairly young, since women always want to have the same relationship status as their friends.

The opening scene of Idiocracy. Replace the unexplained politically correct “the aging man has a low sperm count” with the scientific fact that women only have 10% of their eggs left at age 30.

Also, teenager girls are extremely fertile. Teenagers don’t have to have sex often at all to get pregnant. I can’t recall where I recently read this, but someone in the Manosphere pointed out the movie Juno in which a girl gets pregnant the night she loses her virginity. Compare that to a 35-year-old empowered career woman trying to measure her ovulation and position herself just right on the off-chance she can finally squeeze out a down syndrome kid.

Several weeks ago, I got the phone number of a cute virgin-looking 17-year-old girl who unfortunately later flaked out. It’s completely legal in my state, so I had no moral qualms about advancing so long as her father didn’t break my legs. She’s a biological adult with the free will to make poor decisions.

This excessive fertility is important in a third world society. Even 100 years ago here in America before modern sanitation and medicine, children often died of natural causes. You needed to produce ten children so that six of them would survive long enough to work on the family farm. Today we’ve replaced the farm with an office (or more realistically a restaurant), so the idealistic micro-activist on the internet is out of touch with historically normal human existence. The thoughtlessness of the Catholic Church isn’t in forbidding birth control but in condoning the cheat “rhythm method”.

Yesterday’s practicality is today’s oppression.

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