A Little Favor For A Friend

Although I’m not an MRA, I really like Judgy Bitch/Janet Bloomfield’s writing. It’s lacking in the impotent whininess one finds in your stereotypical MRA. United we stand.

The CEO of Twitter is Dick Costolo. His email is dickc@twitter.com. Take a minute of your time and send him the following (copied from JB herself):

“On December 24th, in response to an article by Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti in which Valenti claimed Christmas was oppressive to women, Janet Bloomfield tweeted Valenti’s own words out to her followers and tagged Valenti as a mention. The Tweet was reported as abusive and Bloomfield was suspended. Twitter has thus far refused to restore her account, despite the fact that tweeting a journalist’s own words back to her can hardly be considered abuse.

I request that Twitter verify and restore Janet’s account @JudgyBitch1. She is the target of consistent abuse and harassment because she is the main driver of ‪#‎WomenAgainstFeminism‬ and people oppose her ideas. Her account has never engaged in abuse, although she has received plenty.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.”

I appreciate it.

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