New Guest Post On, “Using Language to Describe Gays and Trannies”

I lay down some hard hate speech at Matt Forney’s place.

[The word] “Homophobic” leaves something lacking. I do not fear gays, because it’s not like they are going to mug me at gunpoint. Nor do I have a problem with two queers holding hands in the park.

No, what bothers me is that there is not a word to describe hatred of gays. And I do not mean that I hate men deforming their bodies to play make-believe sex, because that’s largely benign to society. I hate the kind of queer who wears neon shoes and makes an effort to raise his voice by a half-octave. They don’t make men like that outside of modern Western society, and it’s the difference between the words “faggot” or “gay” and the word “homosexual.”

Head on over to to read the rest!

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