New Guest Post On Atavistic Intelligentsia: The Problem With Online Dating (And All Dating)

I’ve got a new guest post on Atavistic Intelligentsia. It’s a follow-up to my previous post explaining why it was terrible advice.

When you are trying to attract a girl, it doesn’t really matter what you say. What matters is the feelings you are able to induce. And that’s very hard to do over simple text. A few people are able to do it very well, even better than they can in a face-to-face cold approach. But most will be disappointed. This difficulty in portraying charisma is the number one problem with internet dating. […]

I absolutely hate dating, whether online or in real life. It’s a chore. It feels like work. It’s not fun anymore. One small misstep, and it’s all over. And finding someone you can respect is always a crapshoot.

Head on over to Atavistic Intelligentsia to read the rest!

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