Beyond Good And Bad

I suppose there are some absolute moralities by a kind of natural law. For example, you should never beat and rape a girl, unless, you know, she wanted it. No, I kid, I kid. Seriously, though, you should never cheat on your wife without a one county distance. No, I’m joking again. But for realz, you should never attend church for the sole purpose of offending the people with blasphemy and sacrilege in the name of love, progress, and leftist activism. I mean, that wouldn’t be tolerant, right?

Speaking of hypocrisy, I don’t think it’s quite as wrong as we innately think it is. We all have our double standards. For example, if my dog gives birth to a litter I don’t want and I bash the puppies’ heads in with a brick, most people today would be mortified, even though I murdered them instantly. But these same people eat meat from the common grocery store, even though everyone has a vegetarian friend who won’t shut up about how brutal the slaughterhouses are.

Most people’s solution to double standards is to rationalize it away. The casual meat-eater will give weak excuses like, “Well, yes, they should reform the slaughterhouses, but I couldn’t live without meat.” The vegetarians are right that abstaining from animal products is the logical conclusion of any kind of ethical standard for treating animals. However, my solution to double standards is just to lower my standards. I don’t believe there is anything morally wrong you can do to an animal, nor do I see any reason why there would be beyond emotional appeals. Michael Vick was foolish, but he wasn’t evil or cruel. Even the bestialitist is only wronging himself.

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