This Classic Joke Shows The Irrationality Of Women

fox trot

Classic, right? The husband wants his wife to be more attractive but is too afraid of her wrath to say so.

It’s such a common trope because you see it everywhere. I had a friend who was dating this obese girl who would fly into a rage if he tried to get her to go running with him.

But why is she so angry at the suggestion that she could be more attractive? Doesn’t she want to look good for the man in her life? Wouldn’t she have a more natural self esteem if her husband was better able to enjoy her body (which she can innately sense whether or not he can)?

Women no longer live just to be attractive for their men. In other cultures, women cover their heads in public out of respect for their husbands. Today women always strive to be attractive towards others—her catty girlfriends, the pastor, the bank teller.

This wouldn’t be a bad thing if women actually tried to be attractive. But suggesting diet and exercise means that there is something wrong with her, disrupting the perfect princess fantasy in her mind. So she just uses threats of passive-aggressiveness and withholding sex in order to force you to think she is beautiful. She knows it doesn’t work, but it keeps the fantasy alive in her mind, and that’s all that matters to her.

This is not unlike those Buzzfeed articles about obese models with scornful facial expressions who hated their bodies enough to cover them with tattoos trying to convince men they are lusting after ugly girls. But being beautiful isn’t a matter of politeness or labeling. If something is beautiful, it’s pleasant to look at. You can lie to other people about what is beautiful, but you can’t lie to yourself.

Do you want to know if your girlfriend is a keeper? Tell her to lose thirty pounds, and her reaction will reveal what kind of person she really is, and it will tell you whether you are just a chump she’s using for provision or someone she is truly in love with.

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