Friday’s Praise: Catholic High School Enforcing Catholic Morality

A Catholic high school in Nowhere, Pennsylvania is requiring prom dresses to be pre-approved before girls can purchase their tickets. While they seem to be doing this on short notice, ultimately it is a step in the right direction. Or rather, a step back in the right direction.

School Days

I remember homecoming week in high school and the slutty costumes over half the girls would wear. One day the cheerleaders even came dressed as playboy bunnies—at the encouragement of the cheerleading coach.

My friends and I were horrified at the way they dressed. Not just the cheerleaders, but most of the girls in school. I told them, “If I were a girl and tried to go outside dressed like that, I’d be in a convent the next week, and we’re not even Catholic.”

Even my player friend said, “I think it’s trashy and terrible, sure, but I’m not complaining.”

Good Job, Delone Catholic High School

Kudos to Delone for enforcing their morality in a day when Catholic schools often outright abandon it. Catholicism today is among the worst offenders in Christendom who abandon their standards in the name of social credit, so it’s nice to see that someone in the RCC is holding on.

Regular Blair fans know I’m quite the anti-Catholic, but in this case I’m offering my applause to Delone. Their method was somewhat inefficient, but all things considered, it’s refreshing to see a Christian institution more concerned about their peace of mind than about what outsiders think of them. It’s like a drink of water in the desert.


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