How To (Not) Argue With A Leftist

The above short video isn’t particularly worth watching. An willfully ugly woman who uses feminism to avoid responsibility for why she’s so miserable and lonely mocks a group of people who try to reason with her. Supposedly she was acting flippantly after a man had committed suicide, but the video is difficult to understand.

The mistake the people arguing with her make is that they are trying to be reasonable. Perhaps you can be reasonable with a woman who is well-trained by a traditionalist man, but you can never reason with a leftist of either sex.

My solution is just to make fun of liberals. A bit of a double standard, sure, but I’m interested in results here. I’ve dropped the term “SJW” in favor of the more demeaning term “young white liberal”, because it’s makes them feel ignorant and racist. And if the person is elderly, then “aging hippie” suffices well enough.

Liberalism is an identity—particularly a smug one—so I find it best to cut down their identity however possible. Tell them they are ignorant and that they just want to feel like a good person after accomplishing nothing in life.

And really, most liberals adopt their beliefs as a fashion statement. They view blacks and queers like pets. They dote on them with affection, but they have no interest in interacting with them in depth. It gives them a sense of accomplishment after failing their way through life. All of which, when arguing with my liberal friends, I make a point to point out instead of using Aristotelian logic.

All the people who suddenly stormed Twitter to protest the Washington Redskins’s name, have they ever done anything at all to actually help the Indians? Most Indians are more worried about liver cancer or starving to death than they are about an offensive name from a team halfway across the country, because only a young white liberal or a black person gets offended over things that don’t affect them.

Why are young white liberals and blacks so often manipulated by demagogues and internet activism? Because, with a few rare exceptions, those groups are made up of painfully stupid people. Blacks have a culture of poverty, and young white liberals have a culture of narcissism. Both cultures make it near impossible to think rationally. And it’s near impossible to change a culture.

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