Quitting The Manosphere

I’m quitting the Manosphere and will very likely not return, because it’s been exacerbating some personal demons in my life for the last several months, which I won’t go into detail here with a sob story.

It would seem like this is a product of the fiasco at AmRen, but that would be a wrong assumption. AmRen at the very most only moved it up by a few weeks, if even that. This has been coming for a while, and it takes more than a few dorks who live on the internet to make me quit. That post I wrote on it was my swan song. I’m quite proud of it. It’s much more layered than one might think.

Suffice it to say that the immaterial benefits no longer outweigh the drawbacks. However, I’m still going to publish my second book of poetry within the next few weeks on the off chance someone buys it. Last time the critics loved it despite its near non-existent sales. I’ll publish a post once I have it up. I’ve still got another ROK post in the hanger.

I realize some people will call me a blue pill beta whatever who quit as soon as it got hard, but I don’t care. I’m doing this for myself, not for internet strangers. Someone else will write these things that need saying.

Also, the Manosphere is pretty bleak reading. I could have gone my whole life without being exposed to Jessica Valenti and Lindy West. We are writing against some truly vile and empty human beings on a very deep level of the soul, regardless of their actions. I think any man or woman who is exposed to mainstream feminism long enough will lose some part of himself, no matter what his reaction.

I’m completely stepping away and almost certainly won’t be back. If someone doxes me and tells lies or embarrassing truths, it won’t affect my career. If someone makes a fake Blair Naso profile and says things to make me look bad or good, then it won’t be more than a mild annoyance. I’ll leave this blog up for the archives, though.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to be a writer of some kind. Now I don’t think so anymore. I guess there really is no such thing as a dream job. Even if I made $50k a year writing, it would still be a major drain that I would dread.

Update: The second book is ready to purchase, and I’ve added a few final thoughts on quitting.

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7 thoughts on “Quitting The Manosphere

  1. Blair –

    I normally don’t leave comments at blogs but felt moved to after reading this post. I don’t follow the drama in the manosphere so I’m not sure what the issue is. I do enjoy the its originality and diversity of view and opinions, yours being one of the more unique voices.

    I’m not much of poetry person but let me know when your book comes out I’d like to support your writing by purchasing a copy. Best of luck and Godspeed.


  2. I’ll miss your ROK articles and the one’s on here. You’ve been by far one of the best “manosphere” writers that realizes there is more then just the manosphere to one’s identity and life.


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