New Poetry Book Is Ready To Purchase (And Some Final Thoughts On Quitting)

I’ve compiled the various poems I’ve written since my last volume (plus just a few I had written in college and lost). It’s called A Second Round On The House. It’s a little shorter than I would like, although not nearly as much as I thought it would be. While it covers much the same subject matter, it has far less profanity, since I didn’t write it bored in philosophy class. Still has much the same teenage-like angst mixed with dreamy fairy tale themes, though.

You should also realize that Amazon wants to jack up the cost of your self-published books. I was hoping The Death Of Ideology would be cheaper, but I wanted to make some profit off of it. However, despite rave reviews, neither happened, so A Second Round On The House will be $7.00, giving me $1.77 per paperback sold. So if you buy my books and enjoy them, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. The Kindle version is only $3.00 or free if you buy the paperback first. It’s also free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

I paid $100 for reviews of The Death Of Ideology and probably didn’t make $10 off of it. This time I’m not paying anything for reviews, although Matt Forney and maybe Janet Bloomfield will review them anyway. If you want to know if I’m a good poet (instead of believing the trolls on Amazon who voted it down just because of the subject matter), I’ve got free samples of the first work. And I’ve now made a third sample available of The Death Of Ideology.

Click Here to Buy A Second Round On The House: Another Collection of Poetry From Blair Naso

I realize the last anthology had some minor proofreading errors. I’ll probably go back in the near future and fix those, since either CreateSpace has made it easier or I’ve better figured it out. I’ve always been bad with technology. The errors in the last volume probably weren’t as bad as Matt Forney made them out to be, but in fairness, I wouldn’t have written a second anthology if not for his review. So I can’t be too upset. At any rate, rest assured that the new volume won’t have that kind of sand in it.

Gratitude Over The Last Week

I also want to thank everyone who emailed me or left a comment asking me not to leave the Manosphere. I didn’t realize people liked reading me that much, since even I don’t really like my writing. Nor do I 100% fit the ideology. Frankly, the reader response was very touching. I had maybe not quite a dozen emails and comments in all. But it’s changed nothing.

It seems that the writers understood I wasn’t leaving over AmRen but the readers figured I was just making excuses. I assure you, AmRen is a near non-factor. And if AmRen was anything like a deciding influence, then your emails and comments would have convinced me to stick around. Most of the embarrassment has died off after a week.

Since quitting, the general weight off my back since has been enormous. Being a marginally successful internet personality is far more stressful than I imagined, something I have never handled well. I have a lot of things going on in my personal life over the last several years, much of which I wrote about in A Second Round On The House but don’t want on such an easily referenceable source as a blog.

At heart I never even wanted to write anti-feminism. I wanted to write theology, although I doubt that will ever happen either way. Fools rush in where angles fear to tread (to quote a Bob Dylan song).

ROK happened to be the first website that accepted my work, since I was previously rejected by Cracked and OrthodoxyAndHeterodoxy. I think part of Manosphere writing for me was a kind of rebellion, since I had had a bitter falling out with a monastic spiritual mentor just a week or so before I came across the Manosphere and less than two months before I began writing.

Furthermore, I haven’t written anything unique or new. All the Manosphere is doing is regurgitating what we’ve always known, especially those like me who focus on armchair sociology and not game. If we were to all die, our ideology would still win. There are bits of red pill in everything you see, because red pill is merely reality regardless of whether anyone accepts it. (I could swear the writers of the Netflix show Bojack Horseman have read plenty of red pill literature.)

For those of you who are curious, the name Blair Naso is a reference to George Orwell (whose real name was Eric Blair) and the Roman poet Ovid (whose Roman name was Publius Ovidius Naso), two of my favorite writers. Orwell’s essays are fantastic and unfortunately largely forgotten. He’s the one who taught me how to read Shakespeare, and I’m just a little bitter at ROK for shitting all over the fantastic Down and Out in Paris and London. Ovid is absolutely charming and coincidentally wrote the first book on game.


There is an invisible hand at play. These things correct themselves in time by default. The reason the left fights so hard is because they know what an uphill battle they have. One cannot dismantle the patriarchy any more than one can undo gravity, and it is much the same for the neo-reactionary and race realism beliefs. These are not so much ideologies as they are natural laws.

Times are dark now, perhaps more or less so than we think, but our grandchildren will live in a better world. Or if not a better world, then at least a happier one, because I cannot imagine a society with more individual misery than our society today.

female misery

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