America the Losers

People in the ‘Sphere talk about how girls who like geek culture are a tiny minority and only want male attention. These people must have never met a girl. Nearly every girl I talk to is obsessed with the latest superhero vomit, Harry Potter, Dr Who, or video games. It turns out that women are just as miserable as men and want a distraction from their own miserable selves.

This is a country where the same people who were enraged that Trump bragged about his dick size are the same people who think it’s cute when their eight year old slut in training does a sexy hip hop dance. And why don’t they like Trump? Because he’s rude and arrogant. In other words, because he’s not a kiss up sycophantic devoid of integrity like them.

And somehow we expect Trump to make America great again.

We deserve for the Muslims to rape us out of existence. And if they don’t, then the blacks will, 1804 Haiti style.

This is a society where your value is determined not by your intelligence or production but by your ability to play nice with the very lowest rungs.

Your friends think you’re a pig if you won’t date an obese reformed whore addicted to … whatever is on tv these days … because that’s what their anal-loving blob of a wife told them is true. And you have to pretend his life choices are totally normal and healthy.

And if you aren’t interested in Iron Man, not only are people totally mystified, they are morally offended. It’s as bad as saying porn and weed aren’t a great way to spend the weekend.

You try to be humble and tell yourself you aren’t better than almost everyone else. But really, you are.


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