Blair’s Take on Charlottesville

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and various political has-beens like Mike Huckabee condemn white supremacy, hatred and domestic terrorism. I agree with them. However, none of that is what happened in Charlottesville.

I considered going to Charlottesville, since it’s only seven hours away. My schedule wouldn’t quite fit, and I didn’t have anyone to go with, and I’m generally opposed to activism. I and a friend plan on being at the next one though.

I don’t really care about Confederate statues, but I think the hysteria is ridiculous. Removing them is a crime against public art and is only done as a token gesture of racial pandering. Every political figure in history had bad sides to him just by virtue of being human, and it’s not an accident that Confederacy is being singled out. But it doesn’t really bother me or surprise me. Removing the statues of old values systems is a normal cycle that society goes through, much how former communist countries are removing statues of Lenin and Stalin.

Protesting the removal of statues isn’t about supporting slavery. It’s about standing up to the juggernaut of communist authoritarianism. If these same people were trying to take down a statue of Sherman or Lincoln or even Malcolm X, I would feel the same way. 

At this point protesting in Charlottesville is about asserting your right as an American to peacefully assemble and say what you want. If you are willing to give the government an inch on that, then you deserve to live in England or Canada or have Hillary as president. I plan on being at the next Charlottesville rally. We didn’t elect Trump just so Stalinist goons can mace us for disagreeing with their agenda. I don’t have any sympathy that two cops died while trying to attack law-abiding citizens.

And if the police hadn’t been trying to instigate a fight between both sides, then there wouldn’t have been the vehicular homicide. Some faggy white liberal tries to shut down a peaceful rally by violence and is murdered in the process? I don’t condone the murder at all, but he got what he deserved.

If the government and media had just left the protestors alone, no one would have noticed it existed. By trying to silence free speech and then smearing them as haters and white supremacists, the establishment has made the rally far more successful than it could have ever planned. Message communicated and received: White cultural genocide will not be easy.

There’s a lot of things Richard Spencer says and does that I disagree with, but I respect the hell out of him. He lives and suffers for a cause he truly believes in, while you waste your life at home watching Game of Thrones. He got a face-full of mace from a cop yesterday despite not breaking any laws. I think he has a lot more bravery than all the low-testosterone white males posting about how love will defeat racism or some other platitude with words that no longer carry any meaning.


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