I Still Believe In Donald Trump

Every other week I hear something about how Trump has sold “us” out and compromised. Now he’s dismissed Bannon.

But you know, it’s never been the case. Every time we think Trump has gone moderate, the media and congress do something to anger him and he comes back around and smacks them down and reminds us why we voted​ for him in the first place.

Trump didn’t spend a year and a half getting called a Nazi rapist and sacrificing everything at the altar just so he could be President Bush part 3. I don’t care how much Ivanka cries, Trump won’t sell out the silent majority. It seems even his supporters think he’s corrupt and gullible, but he is the greatest leader of any kind America has seen since at least Nixon. Trump has done more for America than any of us could ever hope to do.

And even if Trump did go Jeb Bush on us, he’s already done so much more than we could have ever expected from a president, and it is my deep shame that I didn’t vote in the primaries. I will follow him to the grave. My king and commander. I love Donald J Trump, and I don’t care how many flaws he has and how many rude comments he makes. I don’t need every policy I want delivered on a silver platter. Call me a blind true believer if you want. I heart Donald Trump now and forever no matter what happens. Raise a Yeungling in his honor. Hail Caesar!


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