Youtube Might Not Usher in the Fourth Reich After All

There are a variety of reasons I’m not alt right, but probably the biggest is the hypocrisy of the people in it. It seems like … probably none … of the main alt right voices have any kids. I realize this is a crazy idea, but if you want to propagate the white race, making a youtube channel doesn’t actually do anything.

“But we’re raising awareness!”

No you’re not.

Everyone and their kid brother knows that we’ll be wiped off the map if the blacks and the browns ever get the majority. Everyone knows that (whites’) racism is considered the absolute worst sin in our society. While, sure, there are many advantages that whites enjoy over other races, ethic pride is not one of those. Racist jokes are funny for the same reason rape jokes are funny: because we aren’t allowed to say them. We all know it’s unfair that we have to police our speech, even if about half of us pretend not to notice. Everyone knows about diversity hires and college admissions and minority scholarships and that those almost never benefit white people.

None of that is anything new. If you don’t see it, then a snarky youtube video about how hypocritical feminists are isn’t going to change your mind.

If you don’t have at least four kids or are in the process of trying to produce at least four kids (ideally without government money), then you cannot call yourself a white nationalist. You can’t bang your way through the night clubs of whatever soulless concrete jungle you live in and then complain about how you can’t find a good wife.

And if you go overseas, especially to the former communist block, then you even have less excuse. I’ll believe you are committed to the cause when you at least put a ring on a girl’s finger.

“But the Church is full of unmarried people who enlighten others!”

Yeah and they don’t take birth control like it’s the eucharist. Religious celibacy, if it’s even relevant to any of this, is about denying yourself. You’re doing the polar opposite.

Look, if you believe that there are no good women left (and I can’t blame you) and you want to spend your life doing the male equivalent of Eat Pray Love, go right ahead. But you can’t call yourself a white nationalist. Words actually do have meanings. These aren’t just labels to wear like a fashion statement. Regurgitating Milo’s talking points on youtube isn’t going to do jack shit except get you some attention from strangers on the internet.

And quit talking about how much you love anal. You know that doesn’t make babies, right?

White people, procreate. Don’t recreate. If you want to propagate the white race, get off youtube and have a dozen children.


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