Can We All Shut Up About Charlottesville?

A couple points first. If you want really great commentary on Charlottesville, go listen to Davis Aurini’s podcasts with Forney and Bechtloff. This blog is just my thoughts on things as they come. Aurini and friends are much better at explaining what went wrong. They’ll also give you the emotional rise you want.

Second, I realize my last post about Youtube and the fourth reich was weirdly out of place. I wrote that a few weeks back and kept delaying it on the schedule because of the recent events. Personally, I don’t follow any identity like white nationalist. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of those who do. The trouble with terms like white nationalist is that they are inherently vague, so I don’t want to define myself by ambiguity.


It has been two full weekends since Charlottesville. Time to move on and return to regular life. No more memes about how racists are evil or how liberals are unfair or how Romney is desperately clinging to relevancy. No more acting like massive street battles over nationalism and globalism pre-planned months in advance and thinly veiled as a statue removal protest are a normal occurrence.

No more Charlottesville posts from people on Facebook who were promoting how important​ Unite the Right was up until it happened and now are talking about how badly planned it was. No more acting shocked and outraged that an event headlining people who carry discord and chaos within their own ranks everywhere they go like Richard Spencer, Baked Alaska, and Mike Enoch actually was full of discord and chaos even within their own ranks. And no more getting angry at people like Spencer or antifa or Rubio for acting like how you would expect them to act.

We’ve needed this week and a half to process what happened and form our opinions​ on it. At this point it doesn’t do any good to continue over-analyzing it.

Trump isn’t about to be impeached. The white race isn’t going to go extinct. Black people will not be hunted down in the streets by Nazis. We will all be okay.


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