Don’t Hate the Aztecs

I’ve quit referring to Mexicans as Hispanic, because they aren’t. The ones that come here are Aztecs and Mayans. Most of them don’t have any European ancestry at all. Culturally, I have more in common with black Americans than these allegedly Spanish-descent people. And a lot of them aren’t from Mexico but further south in Central America.

Anyway, I don’t blame the Aztecs for coming here, but they shouldn’t blame me for wanting them gone.

If you lived in the absolute shit hole that is Mexico, wouldn’t you do the same thing? Wouldn’t you shift your morals around a little and take up residence in south Phoenix? Easy access to healthcare and food, free school, and plenty of work. It’s the American dream. Or at least, it’s the Mexican dream, never fulfilled in their history. These people are refugees.

And I want them gone. The full Andrew Jackson treatment and then some. Yeah, it’s not fair to be brought here by your parents at the age of four and then forcibly removed to a third world country.

But if you search the Bible, fairness is never mentioned, because it’s an impossible goal. It’s also not fair for our country to have a major cultural and political overhaul just because the Mexican government is broken. We will never even the scales and achieve perfect fairness for everyone.

So quit lecturing me about compassion. The Aztecs coming here don’t seem to have much compassion themselves. In my experience (because I’ve worked a lot of grunt jobs), 10% of Aztecs are super nice people and the other 90% are complete assholes. As much as I hate on blacks, I would rather work with a pack of dindus than a gaggle of Aztecs. The blacks can get along with whites if they feel in the mood, but Aztecs will actively try to run you off and make you quit the job.

You can’t harm one group of people in the name of compassion for a different group. Even if none of the white people want jobs in frame carpentry and landscaping, the influx of low skill laborers in some jobs lowers the wages of all low skill laborers. If there was a sudden hole in the concrete business, it would siphon workers from Walmart, and Walmart would have to raise wages to keep turnover low.

More than that, it’s the major cultural shift. I think the jobs thing is just an easy thing to vocalize, but that’s not what truly bothers people. After all, I don’t want to clean houses or work in a 110ºF restaurant kitchen. How the massive influx of Aztecs makes a major cultural shift and why I the individual cares is difficult to articulate, especially in our culture where we have to pretend we aren’t racist.

But if you want one clear reason to end the argument so you can just walk away from the liberal who keeps interrupting you before you can make your point because today’s society (old and young) doesn’t have an attention span beyond 140 characters, here you go: “Most Mexicans vote Democrat.”

After all, that’s the main reason the liberals want them here. They are trying to stack the electorate. So I’ll play that game too. “The last thing this country needs is more Democrat voters.” It’s also nice because it’s a direct insult to the person trying to lecture you about morality.

And that’s really the point. Don’t hate the Aztecs. Hate the liberals who destroy everything traditional and foundational for the sake of destroying, and hate the Republicans (both voters and politicians) too cowardly to take a stand for what they really believe. Hate “those that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter” (Isaiah 5:20). Hate the people who enable the Aztecs to bring what ruined Mexico to America.

The Aztecs are just going to act like Aztecs. No surprise there. The real villains are the Americans who don’t act like Americans.


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