Why the Vikings’ Descendants are Weak and Cowardly

People wonder how Scandinavia could go from so excessively masculine to such whimpering socialist losers today. Sweden seems to be especially suicidal. Why don’t they just fight off the invading Muslim horde with brute force like their pagan, thunder-worshipping, metal-guitar-playing, fight-all-day-and-feast-all-night, Beowulf ancestors did?

Because their ancestors were never anything more than entitled, lazy leftwing terrorists. The Vikings used physical force to rob people and spread it out. Their modern descendants use taxes and hate speech laws to rob people and spread it out. Scandinavians are socialists because you (usually) can’t appreciate what you don’t earn.

The Vikings and the Mongols weren’t masculine. They never built anything; they just took from others. If masculinity is power, then masculinity involves creation, reforming the world into your image. Vikings and Mongols were as masculine as the common American hood rat decked out in fake gold jewelry and bright shoes, singing about murder and pimping and how popular he is while living on food stamps and Section 8 housing. 

Sneaking up in a longboat and ransacking a pacifist monastery or tiny fishing village is as masculine as a pack of wild negroes flash mob robbing a convenience store. Like hitting someone in the back of the head and running off, which is the favorite fighting tactic in the ghetto. Taking advantage of white Christians’ gentle nature and fear of feral people to make a quick buck and then doing it again the next week because they already wasted it.

None of that has anything to do with conquering inner demons and becoming a fully emotionally developed human being. It’s just truncated masculinity that takes the outer appearances of masculinity and treats it as the inner essence. For the Vikings, that was the roughness. For the modern Scandinavians, it’s the other half, the ability to change the world and bring justice (in the screwed up way they see it). Ultimately none of it satisfies or makes society better, so when one side fails, they lean towards the other side. Grassroots militiae aside, the ideological climate of Scandinavia is suicide in the name of justice. It’s pure externals.

In total fairness, the Scandinavians at least admit how…morally flexible…they are. Germanic people have a lot of flaws, but if nothing else, they are not shifty. They never stab you in the back. They stab you in the front and then demand you thank them for it. Everything that ever went wrong with Western Europe can be traced, directly or indirectly, to the Germanic nations on the continent, and I suppose that’s the real source of both Germanic supremacism and Germanic white guilt.

They may have cheated their way to the top by sabotaging everyone else, but they don’t pitch a fit like the Jews and negroes every time someone points out their history. The Germans will gladly take the credit for socialism if the Jews don’t want it. Whether the Germans are the greatest nation ever or the absolute worst, either way they are the center of the world’s history, and being the last loser is close enough to being a winner to satisfy their “former teen pop star”-esque ego.


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