I Miss Amy Schumer

Circa three years ago, I binged watched Amy Schumer on Youtube on the law school’s internet after hours. At the time, she was so horribly misogynistic, self-hating, and, dare I say, red-pilled, that some part of me wanted to just give her a sympathy hug and tell her everything wasn’t lost. I even posted a video of hers on one of my ROK articles.

Like, how is this possibly feminism?

Her ultimate flaw is all too common. She took the media too seriously. She had to pretend to be a feminist, but her real fans didn’t care about all that. That’s just the loud vocal minority. At heart, she was a patriarchal woman-hating right-wing fanatic, and it was awesome.

But then she became a real feminist, with all the victim blaming and overly simple narratives. And with the “don’t rape women” and “medieval marriages were awful” comedy videos — even though rape isn’t supposed to be funny — she threw away any talent she had, bragging about her grossly sexual past instead of self flagellating over it.

Granted, her career implosion was inevitable. You can only make the same three jokes for so long before it tires out. But at least she used to be honest about what a reprehensible, totally vapid human being she was.

I miss Amy Schumer. I feel betrayed. I get that every entertainer has a few bad years, and I understand that Jewish comedians usually have a shelf life of three or four years. But it felt like “we” had some almost-ally ascending in the mainstream. She took everything that made her famous, and as soon as she hit it big, she turned her back on it all, and now she complains that she doesn’t have a career anymore.

Apparently she is exactly the kind of vapid human waste she always pretended to be.


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