The Aztecs Could Have Avoided Deportation

I saw an article a few weeks ago where a gaggle of illegal immigrants were protesting outside Paul Ryan’s church. Mexico might be famous for its violent revolutions mixing the religious and political, but here in America, disrupting a church service to make a political point is almost as bad as disrupting a funeral. Some things are still sacred. Or perhaps, for better or worse, we just have a sense that politics and religion should be kept separate. Our revolution opened the doors for religious expression instead of suppressing it.

This is why the Aztecs are getting deported. They act badly. The mass of crime and drugs is quantifiable, but what cannot be measured is the general brutish behavior most of them exhibit. If they just laid low and kept things subtle, no one would really care that they are here. Sure, give us your huddled masses and take the jobs we don’t want anyway. Just have the good grace to not piss on us as we hold the door open for you. After all, Colonel Tom Parker was never deported.

It’s like when you are a child and are staying up past your bedtime watching the television while your parents are busy, and instead of keeping quiet, you go ask them for a snack, and then they remember to send you to bed. It’s your fault for not keeping quiet while living on borrowed time. Every one of these DACA recipients and barrio rats knew very well that their de facto amnesty might end one day, and if they haven’t planned for the worst, then that’s their own fault. I might have more sympathy for them if they were getting blindsided, but all Trump is doing is enforcing the rules that have always been in place.

This bad behavior also why most Hispanic voters, including those who voted Hillary, support deportation. The way the off-the-boat Aztecs act make everyone from Latin America look bad.

Some Aztecs have been in this country for four generations, and they are just like you and me. They have a wife and 2.3 kids, a house in a white flight school district, and a boring job at a bank. And they absolutely hate the stereotype of the Mexican covered in dirt and sweat who speaks in Spanish just to anger the nationals who are hosting him against their will.

So the Aztecs have brought this on themselves. Protesting in front of a church just makes you an eyesore. It makes you look like garbage that needs to be disposed of. And any public protesting from them implies that they have the ability to vote, which is another reason red state America wants them gone. The border-jumpers aren’t Americans, they don’t work alongside us in our communities, and they don’t share our values and dreams, regardless of whether they occupy the same patch of dirt. They need to be dumped back into the landfill that is Central America.

Off topic, it turns out Paul Ryan is Catholic. I would have guessed Lutheran. There’s a lot of krauts in Wisconsin. ELCA may be too liberal for the optics, and I’m sure all of their members vote Democrat, but he doesn’t have the integrity to go WELS.

Catholicism is inherently globalist. It’s one-size-fits-all Christianity with a central administration that can’t be bothered to care about your community’s culture. Of course the pope is an open borders socialist. Of course Catholic universities sponsor drag shows. Of course Paul Ryan is Catholic.


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