Charlie Brown Halloween; Hating Teenagers at the Mall

I saw the Halloween Charlie Brown special for the first time. I really wish cartoons still had that kind of animation and music.

As always, Lucy and Linus van Pelt exemplify the worst traits of the Germanic race. Narcissistic and idealistic without direction. They are convinced they are special and absolutely right and try to recruit everyone else to their way of thinking with emotional manipulation. Though I suppose one could make the same statement about me…

So I went to the mall to look at the Charlie Brown Halloween stuff at Hallmark. Normally Hallmark epitomizes whatever season it is, and I’ve always wanted to work there. This year, however, they have skipped right over Thanksgiving and are already to Christmas. Not a Great Pumpkin in sight.

Walking through the mall, I was struck by how young and beautiful the teenagers are. I hate them. More out of petty jealousy than anything. I have to remind myself how truly miserable teenagers actually are.

To quote Bojack Horseman, “He’s so stupid he doesn’t know how miserable he should be. I envy that.”

I’m not even 30. How did I get so old? I was never even young.


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