The Future Will Judge Us, And I Will Be Innocent

It’s easy to look back on history and ask why our heroes were so complacent. Why did Washington and Jefferson own slaves despite condemning the practice? Why did the God-Emperor Franklin Roosevelt concentrate the Japanese into camps? Why did Lyndon Johnson drag us into Vietnam despite being such a supporter of civil rights?

You cannot transpose your trendy ideology in fashion for the first time in human existence onto history, as though it’s fan fiction or, worse, hagiography. Your historical heroes are not comic book characters. None of us are independent thinkers. We are all products of our time, and believe it or not, St John Chrysostom was a racist.

While it’s difficult to understand how hard it is for power figures to enforce what is right, it is also true that only future generations can judge us. Why did we let our birth rate collapse through birth control and make-work careers? Why did we import the fecal runoff of the third world and ostracize anyone who is hesitant about it? Why did we oppose Trump because he gave us a vague, unidentifiable feeling of heartlessness? Why did we give credibility to the Jewish media and academia while also claiming both had been entirely corrupted?

They will grill us with these questions in the same way we demand why our ancestors did not oppose slavery and segregation and scrip-wage mining towns and that prison in Auburn, New York. They will ask us why those in upstate New York enslaved themselves to those in downstate and why so many parents coerced their kids into debt slavery through the college system and how we could claim to be rebellious while also following everything the mainstream media told us to believe.

Perhaps I’ll die in a ditch like Ira Hayes, but I’ll be able to tell these hypothetical future generations that I did my best. I always shamed sluts, fat people, and “””Christians””” who use the term “Judeo-Christian values”. I didn’t let empty scare words like “racist” intimidate me. I did my best to model masculine behavior for the world to observe. I let the world know that single mothers are trash. I made fun of liberals instead of taking them seriously. Anyone who said I sounded like a Nazi, I accused them of voting for Hillary Clinton. I did my best. I kept my integrity. And that’s worth more than all the positive affirmation that the sycophants at the street corner megachurch can offer.

The catty liberals and academics in Los Angeles and Manhattan (ie, Sodom and Gomorrah) will think middle America are inbred racist deplorables no matter what, so we might as well refuse to play their game and not defend against whatever terms they throw at us. I don’t recognize the categories of “racism” or “fascism” (beyond 1920s-1940s Italy) or “bigotry”, so I don’t bother explaining whether or not I fall into them.

And then wave the REBEL flag to antagonize them further. The best method of revenge is using their own delicate sensibilities to torture them. And that’s the true meaning of Donald Trump, like a Charlie Brown holiday special.

One day our children will ask how we could have let the blacks and the browns terrorize and outbreed us into either a hot race war or just voting us out of existence. And then we won’t look so progressive and enlightened anymore than secular-progressive Thomas Jefferson did with his mulatto children he disowned.

The good news, however, is that atheists and liberals take birth control like it’s the Eucharist, so they won’t be around much longer.

Deus vult.


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