What The Hell Is A White Supremacist?

I am a stereotypical loser neckbeard virgin obese gamer who lives in my mother’s basement because I’m bitter at how my ex-wife got better treatment in court. I am looking for an identity to provide meaning. This alt right white supremacist thing sounds like it could be worthwhile. Just one thing: What the hell is a white supremacist anyway?

Do white supremacists believe that all whites are superior to all non-whites on an individual level, or that the average white is better than the average non-white, or that the top 5% of whites in some metric (intelligence, creativity, morality, etc) are better than the top 5% of each non-white race in that same metric?

Is supremacy a statement of objective fact (ie, whites have committed a lot less war crimes and social oppression compared to other races given similar opportunities) or a recommendation for how the world should be governed?

Does it mean that the leaders of the world should be white (like the UN is) or that every white person should rule over non-whites?

Do white people have to be superior in every metric? Can we still be superior overall if the Chinese are better at chess? If we find out the Chinese have cheated on the exams, does that affect the world’s supremacy ratings?

If whites aren’t supreme, which race is the world’s best race, taking everything into account?

Is it okay for whites to be supreme at invention and exploration if we give the Asians supremacy at math and clarinet and give the blacks supremacy at farmwork?

Can I be a white supremacist and still look down on the Dutch? Are Greeks white?

I looked into several alt right websites, but exactly none of them explained this. Kek has failed us.


[The above is satire to point out the inherent meaninglessness of political insults. Obviously. White supremacists don’t exist. Even Andrew Anglin has said that on Jim Goad’s podcast. Even Hitler thought the Chinese and Japanese were superior to the Germans, because for some reason his opinion is still relevant almost a century later.]

3 thoughts on “What The Hell Is A White Supremacist?

  1. “White Supremacist” is a more focused version of “racist.” It’s one of the many terms used by Social Marxists as a shield against anyone who pokes holes in their Diversitopia trope with facts, logic and reason.
    These terms only work on people who are actually not what they are accused of being. Accuse a member of the KKK of being a racist; he will laugh at you, point at his head and say, “Well, yeah… you see the white hood, right? Of course I am!!”
    Call a Nazi an Anti-Semite and he will sarcastically ask you if the swastika on his arm band was a clue.
    These terms only work on people who are actually not what they are being accused of, because there is no defense against them other than denial, which never works. It shifts the conversation into their frame.
    Only when someone discovers a defense or rebuttal that works can we effectively fight back.


  2. “. . . the blacks supremacy at farmwork?. . ”

    If blacks are supreme at farmwork, I ‘d be very proud now!
    No, the african race is not supreme at anything, unless beggary and robbery are. . .
    By the way, why is Zimbabwe still heavily dependent on imported food, instance? Look at the 2 Congo s! And look at SouthAfrica of nowadays!
    It seems the creator
    mis-created some species of people.


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