No, Whites Are Not About To Become A Minority In America

In 2044, whites will no longer be in the majority in America. 2044 exactly. They failed to tell us which month, but we know it won’t be in 2043 or 2045. We know this as certain as we know that exactly six million Jews died in gas camps in Germany.

25 years is a long time. A lot can happen. In general, humans are bad at predicting the future, especially if it’s something very specific. We tend to assume current trends will last forever, but in America things can change very quickly.

Five years ago in my Ethics class, I predicted that the EU would collapse in twenty years because Europeans love nothing more than killing each other except killing brown people. Only one person (out of the like half dozen paying attention and the professor) didn’t laugh me down. The only thing I was wrong about is that it happened far more quickly.

Here’s a list of possible contingencies of why I think whites will retain their majority.

+ Blacks tend to kill each other off. They also tend to abuse hard drugs more often than whites. Blacks have higher rates of STDs.

+ California may secede.

+ Blacks and Mexicans tend to vote liberal. While currently they have a baby boom, socialism always leads to a kind of anti-natalism, at least in practice if not in name. It’s hard to have a lot of kids when your worldview is built around fun. Some people say blacks are actually socially conservative, but the civil rights movement is based on Marxist theory, so I’m not buying it.

+ Mexicans and Muslims aren’t tied to the land and may voluntarily leave if things get bad here or if things get better in the homeland.

+ This is purely anecdotal, but blacks are homosexual more often than whites. Their cultural values are money, status, and “doing what I want”, which is hard to do when you have seven children.

+ Socialists, atheists, and feminists take birth control like it’s the eucharist (effectively solving the Jew problem, because Jew is almost synonymous with atheist or homosexual). In later decades traditionalist Christians will have much more cultural influence because they reproduced more. I realize this isn’t as much of a white thing, but currently about as many black babies are aborted than born.

+ Trump and other “it’s okay to be white” movements give white people more hope for the future and feel less replaceable, so they naturally reproduce more.

+ A horrible plague hits America, which affects the cities more than the country. Same with a civil war.

+ Millennials and … whatever generation is currently 18 … realize their parents are miserable and so reorient their priorities, causing a huge baby boom. I meet young people all the time who want four children for demographic reasons. This is exacerbated by being told they are about to become a minority.


Bonus: It doesn’t matter how much minorities increase their percentage, because A) they hate each other and B) they live in cities that vote Democrat anyway.

Also, people talk about Africa and the third world’s population growth, but that’s nothing a few plagues and warlords can’t solve. Communism has done wonders to reduce China’s population.

I think Western Europe is screwed though. The coming bloody civil war may drive the Muslims out, but the problem with Europe is the Europeans themselves.


3 thoughts on “No, Whites Are Not About To Become A Minority In America

    • Blacks, Jews, and Mexicans make all of politics race-oriented and then complain when whites do something that even vaguely hints of it.

      If minorities want a post-racial America, then it’s up to them to quit being hypocritical.

      And the notion of a human race only works if everyone held the same values, which is impossible.


      • Also even within races there are so many different cultures and customs.

        Is a white man who is Liberal and a atheist living in New York the same as a white man people who is a Mormon and Republican living in Utah? And this is just in America, Europe is very much worst since they both have history of being separate and speak different languages (not that having differences is bad).

        Adding masses of people of different races into a place where we have trouble agree already with the added of just saying why can’t we just be a human race is very dangerous. It is both ignoring history and a person who believes this will vote for laws that will be trying to destroy both diversity of cultures of the host nation and diversity of race (since you need one race to get rid of racism, which is actually racist itself).

        So the answer is no there is a not just a human race. There are also groups of different people with different history and cultures, some even going as far back as centuries.


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