Why Are So many Actors Homosexual?

I’m just shocked, you all. Hollywood is apparently obsessed with sex and exploits the young and stupid. Who knew?

George Takei, who previously bragged about being molested as a child, calling it “glorious” as though he was initiated into a cult, is now being accused of molesting children. Kevin Spacey, who starred in American Beauty, a film about how straights are psychopaths and gays are good and noble and true, has been accused of being a child-molesting psychopath.

It’s almost as if actors, whose career is defined by pretending to be something you aren’t, are hypocrites, liars, and perverts. I can’t believe it. I figured their staunch defense of Roman Polanski was just a weird quirk.

Seriously, though, how is this a news story? I don’t give a damn about anything George Takei says or does about anything ever. He’s the Adam West of Star Trek.

In olden days, people were very mistrustful of theater actors. And more and more we are seeing why. It’s not natural to spend your life craving attention from strangers. Most actors today are just beautiful people with two emotions to cycle through, but even an actor who is genuinely talented like Aaron Ekheart still has a genuine talent in something that for most of human history would be financially worthless.

Actors are so often homosexual because the homosexual act itself is a lie. Putting your dick in the pooper is not sex, but if you pretend then you can convince yourself a butt is the same thing as a vagina. In the same way, you can pretend so-and-so is actually MacBeth, even though he’s just an undergrad.

Notice that the only pop singers who are gay are the ones with the grand theatrics. Most musicians are straight, because the whole point in music is getting laid. This is why girls can only play what’s on a page and very rarely can improvise, because they don’t need to impress men with talent or intelligence in order to win sex.

Same reason why actors are liberal. Liberalism is based on accepting lies. Blacks are the same as whites, Muslims are harmless, women can and should do anything men can, Christianity is violent, humans evolved from apes, etc. Of course Hollywood hates Trump “telling it like it is”. They’re having an identity crisis over him, because he’s kicked down their lovely wall of lies.

(The personal always bleeds into the political, which is why the idea of separating politics and religion is impossible.)

The whole “if you don’t accept homosexuality then you are opposed to love and are full of hatred” thing they’ve been annoying us with for two decades. Of course they murky the definition of words like “love” and redefine it to “orgasm”. It’s an industry that’s very core concept is pretending to be something you aren’t.

And that’s why society has, until the last century, never trusted the theater.



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