The White Race Is Worthless Without Christ

The white race is worthless without Christian values. Yes, there’s an inherent creativity and curiosity, but without the foundation of Christianity, we are just pagans sacrificing our children to Moloch. Today’s Moloch is called equality, and it takes the form of birth control and open borders. The ancient Romans thought they were spreading justice and law throughout the world in a noble mission of enlightening the heathens, all the while having a legal system that would make us shudder in disgust today. This was the same culture that crucified Jesus.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a white supremacist, but anything about the West that is the best has to have a foundation of values that sets the tone for the whole culture. Without this foundation, all beauty and truth is lost. Thus we will accept either no beauty and truth, or we will accept a substitute for beauty and truth.

All western liberalism is based on bastardized Christian values. A pre-Christian culture could never dream of equality. Man being created in the image of an invisible singular God and rising above nature (instead of being “one with nature”) was a revolutionary and dangerous concept in ancient Egypt. Any attempt to continue western civilization without the Christian God will only turn into more tyranny and “forced freedom” (to reference Rousseau, if I remember correctly), as happened with the French and Russian revolutions in the last few centuries.

Freedom in our society, of course, means anarchy instead of self-mastery. It is a political goal and not a personal one. A state of society and wealth instead of the human spirit.

Therefore, even if all of western Europe elected a Geert Wilders, it would do them exactly no good. Perhaps Europe is importing Muslims so as to break the cycle of post-Christian tyranny. Fear whomever can destroy the soul more than whomever can destroy the body.

As for Trump, notice he is making a lot of Christian statements, using terms like “Word of God”. The president does not just make laws but models the tone for the culture, and on some level Trump realizes that a non-Christian America can not sustain itself. If nothing else, for this you should be grateful to him.

But the president can only do so much. Putin makes Christian gestures because his electorate demands it. It would be wise for us to follow the pattern that the Russian people have. Hopefully we won’t have to endure 70 years of communism to learn that lesson.


7 thoughts on “The White Race Is Worthless Without Christ

  1. I remember learning in my American government classes, that the founding fathers recognized that the greatest weakness of a democracy was the inherent nature of it’s people. viz. The quality of a democracy can be no better than the overall quality of its citizens.


  2. I just share the article on twitter. Very good article. I have been thinking similar thoughts on this question. A Europe and america without Christianity going forward. Well today it is mostly a non christian Europe with the leaders mostly non religious. And look where that is taking the countries.

    I fear that if we continue down this path it will results into a leaders in Europe and america who will be like the Hitlers or Stalin’s of the 20th century and people with no god will follow to rid of the terror of both the Muslims and the Politicians. It will bring peace but it push europe into a facisit or communist state


    • That’s an interesting point. When the Muslim problem gets too far out of control and democracy can’t fix it anymore, some kind of nationalist revolution happens that takes control. But without any clear guiding principles. And the liberals will ask how it could have happened again, when they are the ones who always set the groundwork for tyrannical autocrats.


      • I think some liberals want a tyrannical state and yet don’t really know the consequence of what that would be. I remember talking to a group in a philosophy class after Brexit. They all wanted to get rid of democracy, claiming people are too stupid to have the right to vote.

        When you bring up North Korea or some other dictatorship, well see their system some how would result in a tyranny or mass murder because you see North Koreans are either different (they will also at the same time say race is an social construction) or you have to just have the right person in charge ie themselves.

        Economics is no different. “You see that place (north Korea, venezuela, Soviet Union, ect) you pointed out was not real communism”.

        The both funny and yet sad thing is that when their side wins a vote such as gay married in Australia it is the will of the people.

        The problem is that these people will keep pushing the liberals goals and if we keep giving in to them it will led to either society collapses, dictatorship or a nuclear holocaust. It is really a pre-civil war at this moment in time and we better wake up. And yet at the same time we need to look less at politics (unless you go into politics) for solution to our lives and work on improving ourselves.

        I have started going to church. I think we need communities and church brings many people in and is also if you find the right one it can be very K selected (i know many r type churches but they often fail over time)

        Anyway brother I am off to the gym since i just convince myself in this post.


          • The Gold Coast church of Christ.

            I must say there is no one great church that is great for most intelligent men. I find this church tells the members to read the bible and question them and to do more research than just show up on sunday. The first time thry were going over the greek translation of the word love and how they had four different version and yet the english bible is just one. So the meaning of love in some of the books from the new testament may have different mening when it said love.

            Also many of the members home school their kids and teach them like gender roles and history. Also the age group is mix and the demographic of the church is mostly white, with a couple of Asians


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