Prediction: Trump And Friends Will Crack Down On Voter Fraud; Christcucks Will Still Hate Him

Within a few days, Jeff Sessions is going to do a voter fraud investigation in Alabama, and the country is going to get a little more insane. Or a lot more.

And you know what? Even though Trump will have saved democracy, the moderate conservative Christians will still hate him. They’ll hate him even more, because kicking down the Bolsheviks’ voter fraud machine will enrage the liberals and bring us a step closer towards civil war. And what moderate conservative Christians value more than anything is the appearance of peace.

Moderate conservative Christians are moral cowards. They hate Trump because he’s a meanie on Twitter. They hate people like me who casually say racial stereotypes. They hate anything that is more honest than they can afford to be. Their Jesus sucks and I’d rather go to hell than have anything to do with him.

Moderate conservative Christians, go away. You are making America terrible again.


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