You Can’t Force Me To Respect Single Mothers

From time to time I’ll write something on Facebook about how single mothers are trash, and a friend’s obese future ex-wife will tell him to tell me that I’ll never find a wife with my views on women, as though anyone with options or self-respect would even consider her more than a coin-machine plastic spider ring.

Or as though I’m so autistic that I would start a first date with, “Before we begin, let me just tell you I think women who have children with men they aren’t in a committed relationship with are making America terrible again. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?”

There are two blackmail weapons society (because, let’s be honest, this is far more than just a leftwing thing) uses to police your thoughts: sex and money.

“You expect your wife to stay home with the children instead of work at a law office? No woman will ever have anything to do with you.”

Yeah, all the better for me. I cannot respect a woman who cares more about careers and money than about children.

True, the way our society is set up, very often both spouses have to work. But this shouldn’t be the ideal, and young people should plan around this.

“No employer will hire you with your views on blacks!”

Depends on the job. Construction companies don’t care.

And even if all of the above were true, you shouldn’t base your worldview on its likelihood to get you laid. What would Jesus do?

And it’s not just a single mother thing. Any controversial topic where I think society should have standards on how to act and society thinks people should just do what they want without criticism.

I don’t want this to be a dick measuring blog at all, but I’ll say that from personal experience, if a girl really likes you, then she doesn’t care what you believe. And then you can tell her all women are sociopaths and she’ll agree because she knows she’s one of them. This idea that women actually give a damn what you think about society and politics beyond what affects her in the short term is from people who don’t have any integrity and so don’t know what it’s like to be truly trusted.

So I always blow off these blackmails, not because I’m so alpha, but because I know you can’t win a game that’s designed to make you lose. At that point, the secular liberal / moderate conservative Christian will panic, becuase he’s out of tricks. (Muslims do the same thing.) They are out of weapons. They don’t know how to attack with actual arguments. It’s just emotions and misused Bible verses.

The effect is that, while I’ve lost a ton of friends and my family thinks I’m going to hell, I have a small cult following of in-real-life friends who adore me and will allow me to say anything horrible and bigoted no matter how much they disagree. That’s true power right there. People naturally flock towards integrity, either to learn from it or to destroy it.

Not that I’m at all on the level of Jesus, but perhaps I’m comparable to Trump, though with far less to lose. Radical uncompromising integrity plus time equals either complete respect or total hatred. People may be ambivalent on Trump, but they are never lukewarm.

You’ll notice that even the most militant, Rick and Morty fanatic atheist thinks the historical Jesus was a good guy. They never say, “Jesus was a lunatic cult leader who deserved to die.” It is always, “Paul made up a bunch of things Jesus never intended!” Everyone wants to claim Jesus is on their side. Some on the secular left claim that He was a gay black communist.

The night Trump won, I actually cried. I kind of knew I would weeks in advance. For one thing, I was half drunk and there was a year of slow emotional build-up. More than that, though, I knew I was looking upon true greatness. This man, who easily could have spent his last years playing golf and banging supermodels, had lain everything upon the altar to save an ungrateful nation. How can you not cry at that level of selflessness? It’s like the ending of It’s A Wonderful Life.

The phrase “Make America Great Again” is aspirational. It’s a community thing. We have to make America great again. It’s a challenge to follow the president’s lead and stand for an ideal.

And what ideal does our glorious Caesar stand for? His children admire him. His wife dresses classy and modestly. He is respectful towards those beneath him. He is willing to have the world hate him in order to be loyal to those who are loyal to him. He held a “Thank You Tour” to model humility, instructed the IRS to quit harassing churches, and has said many very anti-secularism statements, even calling socialism an evil ideology.

I feel like I got really off topic.

You can’t force me to respect single mothers. I don’t care about your money, sex, or social acceptance. You have nothing else in your arsenal. I reject your moral authority.

And really, you’re just secretly jealous that you can’t afford to say and think whatever you want.


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