Why I Think Trump Is Such A Supporter Of The Jews

A lot of people in the dissident right are confused as to why Trump is supporting the Jews so strongly. In his campaign, he differed from Cruz by not promising to unilaterally support Israel in all things. But he had a rabbi pray at his innauguration and more recently was wearing a yamulke at the wailing wall. Worst Nazi ever, right?


Well for one thing, Trump never promised to bring back the proud rule of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. His kids all married Jews, and his daughter even gave up her baptism. New York’s a very Jewy place. So I’m not super surprised that Trump isn’t literally Hitler.

More than that, I think Trump is trying to build goodwill optics in order to cushion himself for the near future. I have always had the impression that the things the establishment really feared about Trump were the things he didn’t campaign on because the issues were too esoteric. For example,

Another problem for Democrats is the new $10,000 limit on the tax deduction for state and local income and property taxes.

In blue states like Oregon, Minnesota, New Jersey, Vermont, Hawaii, the top state income tax rate is 8 to 10 percent. In Jerry Brown’s California and Andrew Cuomo’s New York, it hits 13 percent—before adding property taxes on homes and condos in Manhattan and second homes out on Long Island.

Virtually eliminating state and local tax deductions is going to cause some of the rich to consider relocating to low-tax or no-tax red states in the Sun Belt like Florida. And it is going to put pressure on blue state pols to cease adding to the state and local tax burdens that Uncle Sam is not longer helping to carry.

I had no idea that was even a thing. Did anybody who doesn’t live in one of those states? I realize I’m pretty young, but I’m amazed that state and local income and property tax could even surpass $10,000, much less surpass it so much as to make people freak out that they can only write off $10,000. I suppose that, despite all they claim about opposing the allegorical one percent, the Bolsheviks know that the wealthy must be pampered in order to keep the job market running. And Trump and friends just offered a better bribe.

How do you campaign on that? The answer is that you don’t. Campaigns have to be based around bullet points that are digestible in 140 characters.


I think Trump plans on taking down the Federal Reserve. A lot of people do not realize this, but America does not print its own money. If the government cannot print its own currency, then it cannot control its economy. But campaigning on taking down the banks who secretly control everything makes you sound like a conspiracy theorist lunatic and an anti-semite. That’s just a few steps short of ZOG talk.

So my theory is that Trump is trying to look extra Jew-friendly so that he’ll look less Hitler-esque when he goes Andrew Jackson on the banks. And you’ll notice that he’s said a lot in support of Andrew Jackson. Trump gave a speech at the Hermitage praising him, and he awarded the Navajo Indians in front of a Jackson portrait.

When the Federal Reserve is abolished, both the nation and the global economy will go into a panic (so it’s good he’s already proven he can grow the economy). This will be the economic equivalent of cutting into an infection and removing the gangrene. Super painful and temporarily destructive but absolutely necessary in the long term. And of course, you cannot win a presidential campaign on long term promises.

Saying “I’m going to wreck the world economy for like two years, maybe three at the most, so that we can reset the bone and heal the fracture” does not sound good to voters.

This is one reason why he’s bullying the UN over Jerusalem. He wants them to get used to who is the alpha dog in the park. If they think this is bad, they will shit a chicken when he overturns global currency.

Also, I think he’s recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to punish the Muslims for being too rowdy. We’ve tried being patient and giving the allegedly moderate Muslims the benefit of the doubt for several decades and they keep getting all hopped up. So no more playing nice and fair. If you’re going to keep blowing up innocents, then we’ll double down on supporting your most hated enemy. Worst case scenario, the Musloids’ rate of terrorism stays the same. It’s not like there’s anything to lose. If they feel afraid for an anti-Muslim backlash, then that’s their fault for not policing their community. It seems to be dumb white liberals who do most of the apologizing for Muslim terrorism.

I am both anti-Israel and anti-Palestine. I don’t really care which of the two gets Jerusalem, except that I love how Trump is kicking sand at the UN and the Musloids. That’s just delightful. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and right now that’s Israel.


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