The Inherent Toxicity In Moral Progression; Or, Why I Hate New England

One of the foundational beliefs of Marxism – though it certainly did not originate with Marx – is the belief that society will get better and better. You probably find this as extremely annoying as I do, and it’s absolutely everywhere. The other day, a self-proclaimed libertarian told me that my anti-Muslim views will soon be a relic of the past, even though we just elected a Trump. These people are totally blind. They actually think society is getting kinder and more selfless just because they virtue signal on social media.

I don’t believe there’s a right side of history. There are no good guys in history. There are only bad guys who lose and bad guys who win, as Jim Goad would say.

This idea of moral progression seems most prevalent in New England. First it was the Puritans who tried to create utopia. Then they turned into unitarians and humanists. Then they imported a bunch of Catholics. Then they turned into atheistic socialists. New England – at least around the coast — has always been opposed to the values of the rest of the country, yet for some reason they are allowed to claim to have the most prestigious universities. The Ivy League have always been terrible schools where they squash free thought.

The problem with moral progression is that you look down on your ancestors. Today the secularist and Catholic Bostonians are deeply embarrassed about their Injun-scalpin’ heritage. If you hate your ancestors, then you’ll hate yourself. If you hate yourself, then you’ll hate everyone else. And so Bostonians today are some of the most cold-hearted, short-tempered, misanthropic people on the continent, all the while claiming that they have the moral high ground because they vote liberal despite each saying “fag” fifty times a day.

A couple years ago when Trump’s campaign was gaining momentum, people were totally shocked at how gruff he sounded, not realizing that that’s just normal for a New Yorker. Eventually people got used to it, but it took a while.


I have a friend from New Hampshire who lives here in Tennessee. He says the south is so racist, though he’ll freely admit that New Hampshire is as lily white as a Bernie Sanders rally. I asked him, if the south is so racist, why (aside from Charlotte, which is a weird place made up of people who aren’t from the south) is it the only region of the country to never have a race riot. “Because the blacks are just so beaten down they quit trying.” “Oh bull fucking shit!”

The reason the south doesn’t have race riots is because we are better at saying, “This may not be how society should be, but we’ll make the best of it we can.” Not just about race, but about everything. I think it also helps that we didn’t get the same waves of immigration that the rest of the country did. The more an ethnicity is diluted, the more it loses sight of its identity. And if you lose your identity, then you lose your values. And if you lose your values, then you have no mission in life. And if you have no mission in life, then you just live for pleasure. It’s exactly what happened to ancient Rome, and America should have never lifted its colonial ban on Catholics and Jews.

Southern protestantism has always been different from northern protestantism because the south is Scottish and the north is English and German (which is really the same race). Anglicanism and Lutheranism generally were trying to progress the church forward and think of the next clever idea, and John Knox in Scotland tried to stake his ground and get the country to sign a covenant that they wouldn’t change no matter what. The south is descended from people who would only sing psalms in church and had literal martyrs at the hands of the Church of England, and somehow people are surprised we’re a bit hesitant over the whole gay marriage thing.

We had an entire civil war over this. Slavery and taxes were the surface issues. Underneath that was a major divide in values. The hysteria to constantly improve society doesn’t end. It starts with freeing slaves and ends with giving children hormone shots. The south, for all of our flaws, has always been very hesitant about rapid social change, especially when it’s enforced by the law. And that has saved us from a lot of pain that the rest of the country has gone through.

“But slavery was terrible! Most people are against slavery today, so clearly morality progresses. How can you call yourself a Christian?”

First off, read Deuteronomy 15. The Bible recognizes slavery as a not-good thing, but it doesn’t outright condemn it. Instead it sets up guidelines to mitigate the damage. (It does the same thing with polygamy.) If you claim to be a Christian, you should base your morals on the actual Bible instead of what gets you social credit. The morality of the Bible – especially the old testament – is written fulling understanding that humanity is corrupt and tries to make the best of a bad world instead of demanding nothing less than total utopia.

Today most blacks work the same jobs for the same hours as their ancestors except that they can’t afford rent. And while I think it’s horrendous the way slave owners would break apart families by selling a spouse down the river, the black family is far more shattered in our own times. So freeing the slaves in one grand gesture and telling them good luck didn’t really help them. Aristotle warned about this.

Really, American blacks were doing their best just before the civil rights movement. In Detroit, the standard of living was just barely below that of whites.

Blacks over time

“But women have so much freedom today! We’ve learned how to respect women.”

And they are all deeply miserable. The happy women I meet are the ones with four children and no job. Feminism freed women to be wage slaves.

Women’s value to modern society is sex and money. Our economy is based on selling things to young women with bad financial habits, and it’s for this reason that marriage and childbirth is encouraged to be delayed. Women are also encouraged by the toxic pop radio hits to be as slutty as possible and to use their bodies to attract men for the sake of short term pleasure.

Women oppression

Yeah, we really respect women in our society. Give me a break. Our society objectifies women more than ever. Every ten year old girl wants to grow up to be Ariana Grande and be raped by Justin Beiber, and then we’re surprised when a 15 year old sleeps with her drunk stepfather.

“You’re so full of hatred, but your kind is dying! Love will win!”

Not true and don’t care. American center-right Jesus is a fag and I’d rather go to hell than spend eternity with the God that Timothy Keller peddles. The Jesus I know is not interested in your trendy moral posturing based on a dozen Bible verses badly sewn together to fit in with the secular left.

“Why do you care so much about slavery?”

I don’t care about slavery. You’re the one who keeps bringing it up. It’s a cheap rhetorical device that assumes the reader already agrees with you, which I don’t. The south was right.

“Quit living in the past!”

Again, I don’t care about slavery. I don’t even really care about the civil war. It doesn’t change the ever-present reality that humanity never truly improves. We aren’t the wisest people who ever lived just because we declare it so. Most people are and have always been and always will be two-faced self-serving dishonest cowardly sycophants who live only for money and sex. The 20th century preached world peace and unity while having the highest kill count in history.

“I’m glad we destroyed the south. You deserve it!”

Well now who’s full of hatred?

[By the way, the links in this post are awesome. One was so good I had to link it twice.]


2 thoughts on “The Inherent Toxicity In Moral Progression; Or, Why I Hate New England

  1. I totally agree with that they should of kept the ban. The problem was the civil war, it meant that while the British stock was cut down in large numbers and at the same they went on improving large numbers of Irish. Changing both New York and Boston forever.

    The Irish, Italians and Jews migration went to New England first in the late 19th, early 20th century. The history that their ancestors had is different than the American revolution and the early pioneers. Instead of land that had not been toiled, Hugh amount of space and a life or death because of the crops failing, they instead lived in Ghettos and some (only the men) risk slightly less with helping to build tall towers. They had no connection with those that both fought and die for freedom from the crowd, fighting both the France and Spain and those ancestors who had to live near dangerous Indian tribes. Add the fact that they have cut off from their ancestorly homelands. Is it really any wonder why they would both call the south racist and want more immigration? They have little to no connection to the past.


    • Look at South Carolina. Nikki Haley as governor took down the rebel flag. But of course. Her parents are from India. She’s not connected to that heritage. The people of South Carolina should have never elected her if they wanted to preserve theit heritage. (Also, how is South Carolina known as racist when they had a colored woman as governor?!)

      Most Greeks vote Democrat, becuase they have recent immigrant ancestors. They have no connection. They are here to make money. In a lot of ways they are more loyal to the state of Greece than to America. The staunch Republicans only vote correctly because of their Christian convictions, not because they care about their history.

      I’m obviously not 100% white, but I haven’t had an immigrant ancestor in at least a century. My great great great great great great grandfather fought the redcoats for a free and sovereign Pennsylvania, and his brother (James Wilson) signed the Declaration of Independence. I never let people tell me “we’re all immigrants.” My ancestors weren’t immigrants; they were settlers. And I never ever use the term “Native American”.


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