Why The Right Wing Supports Police And An Armed Citizenry

People say it’s a contradiction how the right wing can be pro gun and pro small government while also supporting police everytime someone is gunned down.

1) Most or all of these “white cop shoots unarmed black youth” is just media hype. When the left shows me an example of real police brutality, I’ll be more skeptical of the police. At this point there’s been so many Michael Brown hoaxes and subsequent riots that the right assumes the left is just crying wolf, even when there is a legitimate scandal.

1.5) In Charlottesville, the police actually did drop the ball and get a lot of people hurt.

“They were just following orders!”

Not an excuse. The police were the villains. They sold out their integrity for a pension.

2) If you automatically assume all cops are evil, the cops who are trying to do good in the world will get fed up and quit. This will only leave the psycho cops who want to drive fast.

3) The right wing — at least the paleocons — is about a stable society and conventional values. Part of that is understanding that police are necessary for keeping society stable. So is common gun ownership. Restricting civilian firearms while also making everyone paranoid about law enforcement is just ginning people up for a Marxist revolution.

These campaigns against the police only make crime skyrocket. Democrats buy guns because they want to murder people; Republicans buy guns becuase they want to defend themselves from liberals.


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