Trump Isn’t Anything Unusual Or Special: New Year’s Predictions

It is inherent in being young that you want to reject the prevailing wisdom of the time.

Obama was elected my senior year of high school. I was one of the very few who went McCain. Bush had eight years of saying stupid things and being out of touch with anything anyone cared about. The Democrats were still fairly moderate. It was easy to be a liberal.

Eight years later, the high schoolers today have watched the blacks and Muslims burn down the West and the whites get the blame. They have seen how dangerous and ineffective white guilt is. They have seen eight year olds being given hormone shots and watched the Supreme Court rubber stamp gay marriage. Their only experience of feminism is as a movement of fat women in hysterics, Islam apologists, and false rape claims. They have seen the white birth rate collapse while watching their elders live and die alone and miserable. They have access to the internet and know what really happened at Charlottesville.

This upcoming generation is the most conservative for that age group in decades. If you think Trumpenreich nationalism is a last hiccup before it goes away forever, you’re going to be disappointed. This is the new normal. You can only break the natural laws of society for so long before the consequences catch up with you.

Society is about to change very quickly. Birth rates are about to change. Social mores are about to change. Dating culture will change. In ten years this will be a very different America.

Personally, and this may just be wishful thinking, I predict a huge surge in the white birth rate and a return to traditional sex roles. I also think the black birth rate will lessen to a degree, because that’s what happens to liberals and hedonists. Christianity will become normal again as it will be seen as a source of social stability. Racism and “homophobia” will no longer be the worst sins imaginable, and there will be a very strong prejudice against gays as the true nature of their lifestyle becomes more known.

The Catholic Church will also undergo a radical transformation within the next few decades, though I’m not sure what exactly. It will become known that the Vatican is a giant gay orgy. As membership collapses in western Europe and the older generation of priests die off, the priesthood will become opened to married men, which the RCC isn’t at all set up for financially and structurally. There will be a major schism over liturgy style, and the pope will decline in importance.


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