Will Marijuana Be The Democrats’ New Pet Cause?

Becuase they already won gay marriage and pushed gender fluidity as far as it can go.

Jeff Sessions has indicated he will begin cracking down on states that have legalized marijuana.

<<Sessions — and therefore by proxy the Trump administration — is clear on where he stands on the issue of weed. And increasingly, he is not standing on the same side as the American people.>>

How desperate is the media to declare a win?

<<Yet, as the 2018 midterms approach, the Democratic party has been strangely slow to embrace the issue. Indeed, the party waited until 2016 to put a tepid plank of support in the platform after minimal attention from Democratic politicians (and even some push-back during key House votes). Even as Democrats become more supportive of legal marijuana (though not universally) they are hesitant to embrace it in campaign ads. >>

Because your common American doesn’t want totally legal marijuana. Maybe a compromise position like in Amsterdam where it can only be smoked in certain bars. But not everyone smoking up at the mall.

And you can’t compare it to alcohol. The social effects are entirely different. You can imagine having a glass of wine at Christmas; you can’t imagine everyone getting half-baked at Christmas.

<<Her Democratic opponent Senator Bernie Sanders, in contrast, argued the U.S. should “take marijuana off the federal government’s list of outlawed drugs.”>>

Because his supporters are stupid college kids. Hillary’s supporters are old people who remember the 90s wrong.

<<According to Gallup polling, 64 percent of Americans now support legal marijuana, and the issue polls well across parties: 72 percent of Democrats, 67 percent of Independents and 51 percent of Republicans now support legal marijuana.>>

Polls have been discredited, but even if true, that doesn’t mean they support the federal justice department ignoring the law for political points (c.f. DACA).

And young people don’t vote. Take a poll from those 30 and older and see how it falls.

You also have to take into account whether these potential voters are in the country or the city and what race they are. You can’t just take a nationwide poll and build a blanket policy off of the majority. That’s how Hillary lost.

<<I analyzed American National Election Studies 2016 data, and found that 61 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana (excluding individuals who said “don’t know”). >>

Fake news! Saying you don’t know doesn’t mean you support legalization. Again, polls aren’t trustworthy.*

A lot of people think it should be decriminalized or allowed in restricted areas. But that isn’t the same as Denver’s Altamont 69 policy.

<<Marijuana would also allow Democrats to show their commitment to criminal justice reform.>>

Translation: criminalizing drugs is raciss.

<<While no one believes that legalizing marijuana would solve mass incarceration, studies show that though black and white people use marijuana at similar rights, black people are 3.73 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.>>

White people do drugs and just watch Rick and Morty. Black people do drugs and shoot up a gas station.

<<Rural districts in Trump country and working-class districts in the Midwest offer potentially compelling pick-up opportunities, and Democrats are already targeting dozens of them. Some of these areas appear to be rapidly souring on Trump and Democrats are gaining ground in dozens of House races. >>

Ha! That’s what they said two years ago. The Bolsheviks will get clobbered in November. No matter how much loyal Republicans hate Trump, they’ll still vote for a Republican congressman whose name isn’t Trump.

The fear vote doesn’t work. You can’t say “Vote for our loser candidate because the other guy is scary.” You’d think the Bolsheviks would have learned that last year. The Mensheviks lost in 2008 and 2012 for that very mistake.

Democrats usually don’t do well in midterms. It’s inherent in the nature of liberalism that they need one central Jesus figure to defeat evil and bring about the promised kingdom.

<<Richard Ojeda, a candidate in West Virginia’s 3rd district who sponsored the bill in the state senate to legalize medical marijuana, cut an emotional ad that included a man with testicular cancer who used medical marijuana to alleviate the pain of chemotherapy. >>

My favorite excuse is that marijuana helps depression and anxiety. No way! You’re telling me people get addictions becuase they are unhappy?


*Rereading this, I think I misread the line in the original article.


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