George Lincoln Rockwell Quote Week — The Purpose Of Life Is To Struggle

What’s up, deplorables? It’s George Lincoln Rockwell Quote week!

Before I begin, I’m not going to make an elaborate three paragraph apology detailing how much I disagree with him before saying something offensive. There’s no point in quoting a controversial author if you’re going to apologize for it. Nor is there any point in writing internet philosophy if you’re not going to say something offensive that goes against society. I don’t have to entirely agree with a writer in order to appreciate him.

Regular readers of the blog know where I stand on race — racial differences definitely exist but the idea of a universal white tribe is overly simple and always shifts leftwing. Rockwell could have had a greater impact had he not affiliated himself with Naziism. The heavily mythologized imagery is toxic in most people’s minds, and politics is 90% optics.

A few months ago, I came across a quote of his on Facebook that gripped me by the throat. Some things I thought he was misunderstanding, but the overall premise about the necessity of fanaticism was impactful. Not only was it what he was saying, but how he was saying it. You have to admire a man who truly believes in his beliefs. He sticks his flag in the ground and lets the dice fall how they will. Regardless of whether Rockwell was a good person or a bad person (as if those are real categories), many of the things he said are just true.

Now, on to this week’s entry. Today’s theme is that the struggle of life is inherently good.

“The purpose of life is to struggle as hard as you can for what you believe in, and enjoy the struggle.”

“Life is struggle. Even to stand up is a struggle against the law of gravity and I think that the joy of life in the struggle itself – not the victory – because if it were we’d all lose. We’re all gonna croak. We all lose the battle of life so if you can’t find fun in the fight to live and to live to the fullest then you’re a failure already, before you even start.”

We live our lives zoned out in front of the television. Morality is a popularity contest. Most people work a job they hate and would kill themselves if they lost internet access. Our lives are built around avoiding pain. Every American holiday has become about either sex, shopping, or gluttony. We get depressed over the natural tragedies of life, or perhaps we get depressed because we feel guilty over something we are done, and then we expect a pill to restore the balance and make us happy again.

You tell people this, and they say, “Yeah I agree with you,” as they stare at their phones.

Rationales for abortion and birth control, when the propaganda and sentimentality are scraped away, are all about convenience. Euthanasia is becoming an acceptable choice, because pain no longer has any meaning. Sex is little more than a bowel movement, “genital rubbing with a bit of mucus” as Marcus Aurelius said.

Popular music is a singular loud beat with no melody or harmony. Popular fiction is glorified pornography. Children are told about Santa Clause because parents do not truly believe in Jesus. Indeed, Trump cannot make America great again.

People choose their beliefs based on what makes them feel good and brings social acceptance. If a Christian cannot find a way to rationalize homosexuality, he will still apologize for it. “It’s not as bad as other sexual sins.” “I don’t hate gays — I just disagree with their lifestyle.” “Gay marriage should still be legal, because it’s not the state’s job to tell people how to life.” “Christians have treated homosexuals horribly.” “If you’re born gay…”

“Being prepared to die is one of the great secrets of living.”

“A man who knows a thing, recognizes a given danger, and sees with his own eyes the possibility of a remedy, damned well has the duty and the obligation not to work ‘silently’, but to stand up openly against the evil and for its cure. If he does not do so then he is a faithless, miserable weakling who fails either from cowardice or from laziness and incompetence….Every last agitator who possesses the courage to defend his opinions with manly forth-rightness, standing on a tavern table among his adversaries, accomplishes more than a thousand of these lying, treacherous sneaks.”

If your beliefs don’t cost you anything, then they are worthless. As Rorschach in Watchmen would say, we don’t live for what we believe to be right because it is permitted — we do it because we are compelled.

The difficulties in life are not merely something to slog through until you get back to the good times. The difficulties in life are the reason for life itself. They are the meaning. It is in difficulties you learn the most about yourself. If you are not willing to die for something, then you have nothing to live for.

Life is supposed to be an arena. If you lived 80 years and never fought for anything, then you wasted your life. Your vacation mission trips to Honduras hugging brown kids for Facebook pictures did not accomplish anything except give yourself a false sense of self esteem.

Be loud and proud. The gays are right about that, at least. Don’t apologize for what you believe. Don’t hold it as a personal opinion. Wave it as a flag. Find a hill to die on and then claim the hill.


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